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Intensive Driving Courses Erith – Outskirts of London

Quick Driving Tests Erith, LondonLocated on the edge of south-east London, Erith driving test centre will feature many different roads and road systems. The driving examiner will require you to good knowledge and skills at various types of roundabouts ranging from the small mini roundabout to large multilane roundabouts. You’ll also require a good knowledge of crossroads and open and closed junctions. One way roads are commonly found in the Erith driving test centre.


Intensive Driving Courses Erith – Country Lanes

Earlier Driving Test Date Erith, LondonThe driving examiner may take you out of Erith into the country lanes. The country lanes around Erith are not as well maintained as residential roads. Therefore, expect a deal with the uneven road surface and large potholes.

Busy ‘A’ roads are also possible such as the A2016. Expect the drive from Erith to last approximately 40 minutes. During this time you will be required to carry out one out of a possible four reverse manoeuvers and 20 minutes of independent driving. The emergency stop exercise may or may not be required. This is the discretion of the examiner.

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Address for Erith Practical Driving Test Centre 

Erith (London) DTC,
Manor Way North,
DA17 6LJ.


Earlier driving tests at erith

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At Erith, Driving Test Centre there are 13 test candidate parking bays but only 1 disabled parking bay.  A drinks machine and water cooler available to test candidates. Both male and female toilets available. This Test Centre Provides Tests For Cars and Motorcycles.

Driving Test Centres Closest to Erith DTC:

Belvedere London – Distance: 1.59 miles
Barking Town Quay London – Distance: 4.41 miles
Barking Tanner Street London – Distance: 4.56 miles
Hornchurch London – Distance: 4.65 miles
Goodmayes London – Distance: 4.77 miles
Sidcup London – Distance: 6.02 miles


Pass Rate at Erith Driving Test Centre

Last Minute Driving Test Cancellations Erith, LondonErith (London) driving test centre has an extremely low pass rate, out of 4418 candidates, only 1481 of them passed their tests and became full drivers. Giving the test centre a pass rate of 33.5% from the 6 month period where data was collected. Monthly, the test centre conducts around 700 driving tests, making it a very busy centre.

The reason for the low pass rate could be due to the busy area where the test centre is located. If you are taking your driving test here, ensure that you are confident in city driving and driving in congested areas, as this is most likely where the examiner will take you.

Driving lessons with an intense schedule is the path taken by some who wish to obtain a license as soon as possible. These may sometimes be one-day lessons of between two and five hours, with two weeks being the typical time frame.

If the thought of going from complete novice to qualifying driver in only two weeks rings a bell, you are not alone. What if the course comes with the guarantee that I am going to pass?. . Take any guarantees claims with a grain of salt.

Just like the rest of the driving students, the ones taking the intensive course are expected to take the Practical Test. The examiner will disqualify anyone who accumulates too many mistakes, with one serious or dangerous mistake meaning immediate failure. So, whether the driving test passes or fails, it will depend on how well a driver performs on the day. Any guarantee of passing can, in reality, mean either getting your money back, or some of it back, if you fail.

Learning how to drive can be a very lengthy process, usually taking between 6-12 months depending on the frequency and length of your driving lessons, and it can cost a lot of money. Everyone is different, and every student learns at a different rate. According to DVSA, the average nationwide time spent on driver education is between 40-50 hours prior to passing the Practical Driving Test. However, it is possible to learn cheaper and in a much shorter period by taking intensive driving lessons, also known as crash courses, quick passing courses, or intensive driving courses.

There are also half-intensive courses that give you the time you need to take the Theory Test whilst learning how to drive. The goal of all intensive driving courses is to take pupils through the driving test as quickly and safely as possible. Intensive driving courses in Erith are typically completed over 1 to 6 weeks, with each driving day consisting of between 2 to 6 hours of driving.

A further benefit is the cost of an intensive driving course. The courses vary in price depending on your driving school, however intense courses are usually far cheaper than a weekly driving course because you are paying the course all at once. At Topclass Intensive Driving School, Erith, the average number of hours to undertake an intensive course is 30 – 35 hours. This is because our intensive courses are specially designed to bring you to driving test standard as quickly and effectively as possible, saving you the expense of regular week-long lessons.

Finding driving lessons in Erith can be intimidating. Which driving instructor in Erith should you pick?. , one that will give you the best possible chance to pass the test. . How much is going to cost?. DTC driving school Erith offers driving lessons structured and tailored specifically to you and your individual needs as a learning driver, so that you receive the necessary instructions to take the test and become a safer driver.

You have a choice of a male or female instructor, and lessons are available in manual cars as well as autos. Book online and take advantage of our latest driving lessons offers in Erith. If no instructors are covering your local area, buy your driving lesson gift voucher from DTC as soon as possible. Driving lessons in intensives, east London are not just restricted to that area. You will find our driving schools also cover north, south, and west London.

To answer the question what are these, the driving lessons are all about being intensive in order to speed up your learning rate. Intense in the sense of frequency of lessons and expectations. Given the goal of intensive driving lessons is to help the student progress from having no idea about driving to being completely competent, as quickly as possible, this will mean the student must be able to commit to a few lessons within the same week. The frequency of these driving lessons allows the learner to quickly gain extreme confidence behind the wheel.

Not only that, it also decreases the chances that he or she will forget what was learned in a previous lesson. Basically, intense driving lessons give you a sense of ownership over your vehicle, doing things you might have done without your driving instructor. At the same time of frequent lessons, expectations of the driving instructor will also be equally frequent. Learners will be expected to perform well following every session, and follow the structured plan laid out — although, we try to be flexible, so that every learner is comfortable with the pace, and learning in the way that feels right for them. We would also like to mention that the intense driver education sessions helps learners become familiar with the Highway Code, even if they do not realize it.

While they are consumed by driving, they are also following roadside laws and etiquette. This is an advantage if a student has yet to take their Theory Test. How Long Are Intense Driver Training Sessions?.

This is completely up to the student. Our Driven Schools are completely flexible with learner needs and requirements. While we have no guidelines, nor is there any government-required minimum, across many driving schools, the average is 40 hours. One thing to keep in mind about 40 hours is that it is taken as students taking one to two normal driving lessons per week.

So, they are susceptible to forgetting the lessons before, and are not that effective. We have seen students succeed that have committed for 28+ hours at a time. The chances of passing a driving test are higher in intense driving lessons, and even higher with the immediate following drive test.

Towns you may come across on your Intensive Driving Course in Erith –


Belvedere is situated in south east London England. It is within the London Borough of Bexley and is close to the River Thames. Belvedere was in the administrative county of Kent, before Greater London was created in 1965.


Purfleet borders the A13 road to the north and the River Thames to the south. It is a town in Thurrock unitary authority, Essex.


Bexleyheath forms part of the London Borough of Bexley, it is a town situated in south east London, England. It is one of the 35 major towns in the London Plan.


Bexley is also sometimes known as Bexley Village or Old Bexley; this is to differentiate the area from the wider borough. As part of the suburban growth of London in the 20th century, Bexley increased in population, becoming a municipal borough in 1935 and has formed part of Greater London since 1965.


Welling is located in the London Borough of Bexley  and is 1.5 miles west of Bexleyheath anf is 10.5 miles east-southeast of Charing Cross. This town is situated in South East London, England.


Aveley is 16 miles east of Charing Cross. It is on the very edge of Greater London and is roughly bounded to the north and west by the London Borough of Havering.


This town is located in the Borough of Dartford, Kent, England and is 18 miles south-east of Central London. It is right next to the London Borough of Bexley to its west.


Rainham is within the London Borough of Havering and is situated 13.6 miles east of Charing Cross. It is surrounded by a residential area, which has grown from the historic village, to the north and a commercial area, fronting the River Thames to the south.


Dagenham is situated within the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. It is centred 11.5 miles east of Charing Cross.


Barking is within the London borough of Barking and Dagenham and is located in East London. It is 9.3 miles east of Charing Cross. It is a low-density residential area, and it forms a large retail and commercial district, currently a focus for regeneration.

Hire Car for Driving Test Erith

DTC UK offers a “Driving Test Car Hire Erith” Service which meets all DVSA requirements. You can rent either a manual or an automatic car. Above all, our service comes complete with a qualified instructor. We normally require 48 hours’ notice but may be able to cover a same day car hire.

Semi-intensive Driving Lessons Erith

If you have a last-minute driving test approaching but feel that you could do with a bit more practice, we can help. DTC driving instructors can prepare you for your practical test with our one-day “intensive driving lessons Erith.”

Thinking of taking an Intensive Driving Course soon?

If you cannot afford to wait months to pass your driving test, then our last-minute intensive driving courses are just perfect for you. If you are up to test standard, we will book your driving test before starting the intensive course. These courses are also known as fast track driving courses, driving crash courses, and pass in one-week courses.

DTC Intensive Driving Courses only use driving instructors who are fully qualified with a grade A or B with the DVSA (UK Governments Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency). You’re driving instructor would have had Police clearance and is regularly tested to ensure a high standard of teaching. Your instructor will also abide by the DVSA code of conduct. For your added safety, the driving school cars that they use, are fully dual controlled.

Erith Driving Test Centre
End Left
Woolwich road
Harold Avenue
End Left
Barnfield Road
End Right
Nuxley Road
Roundabout left
Swaylands Road
Criossroads Ahead
Eastry Road
End Right
Ightham Road
first Right
Nurstead Road
End Left
Igtham Road
also, End Left
Bedonwell Road
Roundabout ahead, then second right
Dunwich Road
End Left
Hythe Avenue
Roundabout right
Long lane
also, Roundabout right
Brampton Road
Roundabout left
Okehampton Cresent
End Right
Upper Wickham Lane
Mini roundabout, right
Plumstead High Street
Traffic lights left
Basildon Road
Right bend then it becomes
McLeod Rd
Left the the Roundabout
Knee Hill
Right bend then it becomes
Abbey Rd
first right
Picardy Rd
Mini Roundabout straight
Nurxley Rd
Second Right
Albert Road
second left
Woolwick road and then finally,
back to Erith Driving Test Centre


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