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Cancellation Driving Tests Goodmayes, London
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Cancellation driving tests Goodmayes, London

Cancellation Driving Tests Goodmayes – London Driving Test Centre

Quick Driving Tests Goodmayes, LondonSituated in a busy part of London, Goodmayes driving test centre will involve many complicated roundabouts. The roundabout will range from small mini-roundabouts to large multilane roundabouts controlled by traffic lights.

Due to its location, you should also expect a deal with crossroads and junctions of varying types. Narrow residential roads will often feature in the driving test. These narrow roads seem easy but in fact can be challenging. This is due to the fact that the residential roads in Goodnmayes normally have parked cars on both sides. Therefore, you must be prepared to give way to oncoming vehicles.

Earlier Driving Test Goodmayes – Fast Roads

Earlier Driving Test dates Goodmayes, LondonBusy ‘A’ roads such as the A1083 and the A118 are highly likely. The driving examiner may also take you onto dual carriageway is such as the A406, A12 and the A13. A good amount of practice and knowledge on these dual carriageways is would be beneficial.

The car park at Goodmayes driving test centre is small and spaces are limited. Therefore, you must not arrive more than 10 minutes before the start of your test and this may interfere with other learner drivers are returning from the test.

More information on Goodmayes.

Address for Goodmayes Practical Driving Test Centre 

Goodmayes (London) DTC,
98 Goodmayes Road,
Greater London.
IG3 9UZ.

Short Notice Tests for 2 weeks at Goodmayes

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The waiting room of Goodmayes Driving Test Centre is on the 1st floor with two flights of stairs. There is no wheelchair access. However, candidates with mobility impairment will be met in the driving test centre car park. Both male and female toilets are available o the first floor. Test candidate car parking facilities available but is limited.

Test Centres Closest to London Goodmayes:Last Minute Driving Test Cancellations Goodmayes

Barking Tanner Street (London) Practical Test Centre – Distance: 1.98 miles
Barking Town Quay (London) Practical Test Centre – Distance: 2.65 miles
Wanstead (London) Practical Test Centre – Distance: 3.89 miles
Erith (London) Practical Test Centre – Distance: 4.76 miles
Hornchurch (London) Practical Test Centre – Distance: 4.79 miles

Short Notice Driving Test Goodmayes – Pass Rate

Last Minute Driving Test Cancellations Goodmayes, LondonGoodmayes is one of the busiest driving test centres in London, with over 2200 driving tests being conducted monthly. However, it also has a below average pass rate of 38.1%. This is calculated from a 6-month duration, in which 13861 driving tests were conducted. From this number, 5286 candidates actually passed, which is a relatively low number compared to the number of people who attempted a test.

The pass rate may be low, however, this does not mean the examiners are extra strict, or that they will purposely fail you even if you don’t make a mistake. You can only fail if the examiner feels that you are a danger to yourself or other road users.

Driving Test Cancellations Goodmayes

Driving Test Cancellations Within 2 Weeks at Goodmayes, LondonGoodmayes (London) is one of the busiest practical test centres in the country is reflected in its waiting list for appointments. Average learner driver usually ends up waiting about 10 weeks for an appointment. This usually is not a problem as instructors would ask the pupils to apply for the driving test before they were actually ready. However, the learner driver was to fail the driving test, the waiting list and problematic. The driving test cancellations do appear at Goodmayes is can be seen at GOV.UK using your driving licence number and your booking application reference number two login. Unfortunately, the DVSA does not hold the driving test cancellation waiting list. You will just have to login in the hope that somebody has cancelled the test since you last logged in.

DTC Driving Test Cancellations

We Search for Driving Test Cancellations at Goodmayes every 20 secondsDTC driving test cancellations are continuously logged in to the official government website GOV.UK. The matter of fact, you will make with 3000 searches each and every single day. We can search either Goodmayes or up to five test centres. If you did request is to search all five test centres, I would be prevalent of over 15,000 searches per day. We have a high success rate of getting you an earlier driving test date at good may is within two weeks. However, if you are prepared to be flexible and I’m desperate need of a driving test we can get you a last-minute driving test cancellation the very same week. Call DTC UK now to discuss your requirements for a quick driving test at the Goodmayes centre.

Last Minute Driving Test Goodmayes

Goodmayes is an exceptionally busy test center with a high waiting time for appointments. Driving instructors in the Goodmayes area are usually fully booked for weeks ahead. If you have managed to find yourself a last minute driving test, there is a high chance that your instructor will not be available.

Hire Car for Driving Test Goodmayes

DTC UK offers a “Driving Test Car Hire Goodmayes” Service which meets all DVSA requirements. You can rent either a manual or an automatic car. Above all, our service comes complete with a qualified instructor. We normally require 48 hours notice but may be able to cover a same day car hire.

Semi-intensive Driving Lessons Goodmayes

If you have a last minute driving test approaching but feel that you could do with a bit more practice, we can help. DTC driving instructors can prepare you for your practical test with our one-day “intensive driving lessons Goodmayes.”

DTC Goodmayes
Kildown Road
End Left
Goodmayes Road
Traffic Lights, left
High Street
Straight on at roundabout
Cameron Road
End Right
Ley Street
Take fourth Left
Hamilton Road
second right
Ashurst Drive
left, then second left
Hatley Avenue
North Cross road
End Left
Campbell Ave
End Right
Ashurst Drive
End Left
Eastern Ave
Right at third traffic lights
Aldborough Road South
Third Left
Meads Lane
Roundabout right
Cambridge Road
Roundabout, left
Meads Lane
End left
Cameron Road
Seven Kings road
End Left
Felbrigge Road
Granton Rd
also, right
Kildown Road
finally, right into
Goodmayes Driving Test Centre


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DTCUK is a trading mark of Driving Test UK Limited. We are a privately owned family company with Head Offices in Croydon, London. Founded by Shakti Gadday, helping learner drivers get on the road since 1987, registered with the DVSA under ADI number 120120. We’ve been booking driving tests for over 8 years and have helped over 35,000 learners pass their test quicker.

We can either automatic book you an earlier driving test or consult your instructor first, if needed. This will save you £100s in driving lessons.

driving test canellations in Goodmayes
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