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Last Minute Practical Test Cancellations Belvedere DTC UK
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Cancellation Driving Tests Belvedere – Residential Roads

Quick Driving Tests Belvedere, LondonBelvedere driving test centre is located in a busy part of south-east London. Expect a deal with many residential roads. The roads may seem easy but can be quite challenging. This is due to the reason that many of the roads in and around Belvidere are narrow after with parked cars on both sides. Driving examiner will be watching you see how you handle meeting vehicles whilst at the same time leaving clearance.


Earlier Driving Test Belvedere – Fast High Speed ‘A’ Roads

Earlier Driving Test dates BelvedereHigh speed ‘A’ roads such as the A220 and A206 are likely to feature in the driving test. When joining these roads, it is extremely important that you build up speed to match the speed of the vehicle is already on the main road. It would be highly dangerous to try to join at 30 miles an hour when traffic is already doing 60 to 70 miles an hour. Once on these roads, there are two important rules that you must abide by. Firstly, keep the two-second gap away from the driver and front. Secondly, always remain left-hand lane, unless you’re overtaking. If you overtake, make sure that you move back to the left-hand lane at the very first safe opportunity.


For more information about the surrounding area, click here. 


Address for Belvedere Practical Driving Test Centre 

London- Belvedere DTC,
33 Woolwich Road
DA17 5EE

Last Minute driving tests available at Belvedere

There is no test candidate parking available at Belvedere (London) Driving Test Centre. Therefore, please park legally on a public road. Both Male and female toilets are available. Arrangements will be made at this test centre if you have a disability. Testing for Cars and ADIs are available at this driving test centre.

To view this test centre on Google Maps, click here.


Nearby driving test centres to Belvedere.Last Minute Driving Test Cancellations Belvedere

Erith (London) driving test centre – Distance: 1.59 miles.
Sidcup (London) driving test centre – Distance: 4.51 miles.
Barking (Town Quay (London) driving test centre – Distance: 4.58 miles.
Barking (Tanner Street (London) driving test centre – Distance: 4.96 miles.
Goodmayes (London) driving test centre – Distance: 5.72 miles.



Short Notice Driving Test Belvedere – Pass Rate

Last Minute Driving Test Cancellations Belvedere, LondonThe Belvedere practical test centre has an extremely low pass rate of 28.3%, the lowest in London. During a 6 month period, 3080 driving tests were conducted here. However, unfortunately, only 870 of them passed their test. This, however, does not mean the examiners are biased or will fail you intentionally without mistake. If you drive carefully and make no serious mistakes throughout the duration of the test, the examiner will have to pass you. You will also have to make less than 15 minor mistakes in order to pass the test.


Driving Test Cancellations Belvedere

Driving Test Cancellations Within 2 Weeks at Belvedere, LondonIn order for you to get a driving test cancellation at Belvedere, London you must first have a booking made on the official government website. Once you have booked and paid for your driving test, you will receive a booking application reference number. You can then re-log back in and check for cancellations.

The DVSA does not hold and is never held a cancellation waiting list. An earlier appointment at Belvedere will only appear when somebody was a current appointment decides to cancel. The DVSA are quite aware of the large waiting time at the Belvedere driving test centre. Occasionally, they do request examiners to work overtime on the weekends in order to help reduce the waiting time. When this happens, the slots are released to the general public at a premium price.

DTC Driving Test Services

If you are looking for a practical test, DTC Driving Test Services can find you an earlier driving test at Belvedere, London within two weeks. However, before you rush to subscribe to our service, it is important to consider whether you feel that you are ready to take a driving test cancellation. It is no point in getting an earlier driving test date and then failing. If you’re not sure as to whether or not you would like an earlier practical test date, please consult your driving instructor.

We Search for Driving Test Cancellations at Belvedere every 20 secondsDTC UK monitors the DVSA website over 3000 times per day. We can check Belvedere practical test centre along with four other test centres for you. As soon as cancellation appears at Belvedere, will automatically book it for you. We will then send you a text message. You will also receive an email directly from the DVSA informing you of your new time and date of the driving test. Before accepting this date, you should check that your driving structure is available you will need to use their car for the driving test.

Short Notice Driving Test Belvedere

If you have been lucky enough to find a cancellation driving test at Belvedere, most likely, your instructor will not be available. Driving instructors in the Belvedere area are busy and will not usually take short notice driving tests.

Hire Car for Driving Test Belvedere

DTC can provide a dual control car hire which meets all DVSA requirements. You can rent either a manual or an automatic car. Our “Driving Test Car Hire Belvedere” service comes complete with a fully qualified driving instructor.

Semi-intensive Driving Lessons Belvedere

If you have an international drivers license or have recently failed a practical test, why would you want to waste money on unnecessary driving lessons? DTC driving instructors can prepare you for your practical test with our one-day “intensive driving lessons Belvedere.”

Belverdere Driving Test Centre
End of the road, turn left
Woolwich Road
Take the 3rd left
Westergate Road
End of the road, also left
Bedonwell Road
Turn left again
Orchard Avenue
End of the road, also left
Bedonwell Avenue
At the roundabout, turn right. Followed by 2nd left
Lghtham Road
Turn left. End of the road, turn right
Swanton Road
Turn right
Nurstead Road
End of the road, also right
Swanton Road
End of the road, right turn again
Belmont Road
At the roundabout, turn right
Brook Street
At the roundabout, take a left turn
Bexley Road
Take the 5th right
Park Crescent
Take the 4th left
Park Crescent Road
End of the road, turn right
Bexley Road
At the mini roundabout, straight ahead. At the roundabout, left
Bronzeage Way
At the roundabout, straight ahead 2nd exit
Eastern Way
At the roundabout, turn right. Slip road. Left turn at roundabout
Harrow Manor Way
Straight ahead at 1st and 2nd roundabout
Knee Hill
Turn left
Hurst Lane
End of the road, turn right
New Road
End of the road, turn left
Woolwich Road
At the roundabout, straight ahead. Turn right
Bedwell Road
End of the road, turn right
Albert Road
Finally, take the 2nd exit into
Slip Road
Belverdere Driving Test Centre


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