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Since 2009, We have helped over 47,000 students pass there tests.

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Intensive Driving Courses Croydon – Roundabouts

Earlier Practical Tests Dates Croydon, LondonCroydon driving test centre is located in a busy part of south London. It will feature many diverse and complicated road systems. This will include roundabout of all sorts ranging from large multilane traffic light control roundabouts to small mini-roundabouts. Expect a deal crossroads and one way systems. Croydon is also known for the tram system. Therefore, it is important that you know your tram signs.

Intensive Driving Courses Croydon – Residential Roads

Quick Driving Tests Croydon, LondonClose to the driving test centre, you will find small residential roads. These roads can be tricky as there are parked cars on both sides. You must add to give way to oncoming vehicles.

As you get further from the test centre, you high-speed a roads. These will include the A23, A235 and the A236. All of these ‘A’ roads are likely to feature in the driving test at Croydon.

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Address for Croydon Practical Driving Test Centre

111 Canterbury Road,
Greater London.
CR0 3HH.

Last minute driving tests at Croyden
Last minute driving tests at Croyden, London available within 2 weeks

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Both male and female toilets are available at Croydon driving test centre. However, there is limited car parking for test candidates. Therefore, please do not arrive too early for your driving test as it can interfere with the previous test candidates. Croydon driving test centre provides testing for both cars and taxis.


Nearby driving test centres to Croydon:Last Minute Driving Test Cancellations Croydon

Mitcham driving test centre – Distance: 1.91 miles
Carshalton driving test centre – Distance: 3.43 miles
Morden driving test centre – Distance: 4.13 miles
West Wickham driving test centre – Distance: 4.63 miles
Bromley Court  driving test centre – Distance: 5.58 miles


Pass Rate at Croydon Driving Test Centre

Last Minute Driving Test Cancellations Croydon, LondonCroydon is a very busy driving test centre, with over 600 driving tests being taken here monthly. The test centre has a pass rate of 40%, which is relatively low in comparison to other test centres in the country, where the average is 47%. Over a 6 month period, 3900 driving test were taken here, from which the examiners passed 1624 candidates.

Even if they pass rate is low, this does not mean the examiner will fail you without reason. If you are confident in your driving ability and can perform well throughout the entire duration of the test, the examiner will definitely pass you.

DTC Driving School is now offering Driving Lessons in Croydon, so if you are looking to take a Driving Test in Croydon, you have arrived at one of the best Driving Schools in the UK. You might ask yourself which driving school is the best one for me. We have more than 30 years of experience in this field, so you can imagine the number of driving test passes we have under our belts, thousands and thousands. All of our driving instructors in Croydon are registered with the DVSA, they are all DBS checked and receive regular assessments from the DVSA, making sure that their training techniques are kept right up to date.

We are proud of providing great value driving lessons across Croydon, the car that you learn to drive will be fitted with dual controls by Heman, chosen because it is suited for your learning abilities, is small, and is simple to handle. Unlike some driving schools, we will teach you to drive on a 1-2-1 basis only, and you can rest assured that our instructors have a great understanding of the local area of Croydon, as you might imagine learning to drive is not a simple task, with a lot of complicated road layouts and an extremely high amount of traffic, however, fear not, as your instructor will train you on all aspects that you will need to know in order to drive safely and to pass the test. If you need to get through the driving test fast, or you want your lessons to be taken over a school or university vacation, an intensive course could be the way forward.

Sometimes people need to pass fast because they need to be able to drive for work or get to where they are working. The driving standards required to pass a test are just the same, whether you did a crash course or had regular weekly driving lessons. However, an advantage to a crash course is that you get your test out the door quicker, and it is easier to learn things in one sitting for some people. While it is nice for some people to space the lessons on a weekly basis, for others, they will forget what they learned from week to week and then spend way too much time during a lecture going over what they learned in the week before. An intensive course may also be best if you had lessons previously, had to take a break for whatever reason, and now want to pick up the learning again.

At DTC UK, our fully-qualified Driving Instructors are guaranteed to provide you with the most enjoyable, but thorough, Driving Lessons available. Learn to drive in Croydon today and unlock a world of possibilities for your life, career and future prospects. All of our car for learning how to drive, whether it is an Automatic or Manual, at our driving school in Croydon are Dual Control, ensuring you have the most confident driving experience and learn from a modern, clean practice vehicle. All of our DVSA approved, professionally trained Croydon driver instructors will make sure that all driving lessons are conducted in a focused, friendly, and relaxing environment, to help you to build the confidence and skills for a safe driver, together with the required habits you will need for life on the road in Croydon.

Our intensive, crash-course-style courses, taught by our driving instructors based in Croydon, help you to pass the test in just 2-3 weeks, while making sure that you are completely relaxed and confident with your abilities both on the road and off. Ideal if you have tried driving manual cars and found that they are a little bit too much for you. Advanced driving courses, for those drivers who wish to take their driving skills to a new level.

Crash Courses and Training Needing a quick Pass on the Driving Test, try out our Crash Courses. Intensive driving courses again This driving course will get you through the test in as little time as possible. Motorway Courses For those drivers who require additional confidence in their driving skills on the highways and dual carriageways. Beginners driving lessons We have a number of courses suited to beginners of all ages and abilities We will be able to assess your driving needs quickly. Practical driving lessons Just as they say, no lessons, no lessons, you will be taught how to drive using one of our cars with Dual Controls to ensure the ultimate confidence.

You may come across some towns on your Intensive Driving Courses Croydon –



Bletchingley is about ten miles south of Croydon is the most visited nowadays. The A25 cuts through this village which once was known for its castle and returned to two MPs to Westminster. The castle was said to be one of the only four in its county – it had a short life and was destroyed in 1264 during Henry VIII’s war with Simon de Monfort. 



Caterham is 8 miles south of Croydon and is now part of Tandrige District Council. The council was formed by a merger of Caterham and Warlingham Urban District Council and Godstone Rural District Council. Tandridge is the most easterly of Surrey’s ten district authorities and shares with Mole Valley the distinction of not being a borough and thus not having a mayor.



Chaldon is 8 miles southwest of Croydon. It attracts thousands of visitors because of a discovery which was made more than 120 years ago. 



Chelsham is 6 miles south of Croydon and is high up on the slopes of North East Surrey and is close to the boundary with Greater London.



Chipstead is a few miles southwest of Croydon and its pleasant situation was first observed by Sir Edward Banks – when he was working on the railway at Mersham in 1803. Before he passed, he had constructed a bridge which went across the Thames at Waterloo and Southwark.



Farleigh is in the north-east corner of the country. It is very drawn to fashion thanks to the qualities of local residents. Farliegh was supposed to be included in the London Borough of Croydon – but due to the local government boundaries being changed in the 1970s it was not. Farleigh lies 8 miles southwest of Bromley.



Godstone is 10 miles south of Croydon and is on th A25 – it has a one-way traffic system around its centre where the A22 comes in from the south. Godstone is known for one of the several locations in the country where good quantities of oil are thought to be beneath the surface. 



Here is where Surrey disappears and the A25 runs on into Kent. It’s very common and neighbours Limpsfield Chart which is below the Downs about 10 miles southwest of Bromley. The main street through Limpsfield runs at right angles to the A25 and is full of half-timbered houses and little nooks and crannies. 



The M25 and the M23 meet near Merstham. Merstham is about 10 miles southwest of Croydon. There are high-level interchanges and there are numerous junctions which are cut into the chalk of the North Downs and is quite far from the village’s quaintly named Quality Street.



Oxted is an old village and is situated 10 miles south of Croydon. All around it is very beautiful – but there has been a lot of development. Oxted is near the busy M25 which is just to the north; however, it is known for the trouble of traffic due to the ongoing popularity of the A25. 


Hire Car for Driving Test Croydon

DTC UK offers a “Driving Test Car Hire Croydon” Service which meets all DVSA requirements. You can rent either a manual or an automatic car. Above all, our service comes complete with a qualified instructor. We normally require 48 hours notice but may be able to cover a same day car hire.

Semi-intensive Driving Lessons Croydon

If you have a last-minute driving test approaching but feel that you could do with a bit more practice, we can help. DTC driving instructors can prepare you for your practical test with our one-day “intensive driving lessons Croydon.”

Are you starting your Intensive Driving course soon?

In order to take one of our Intensive Driving Courses, you will need to hold a valid UK provisional driving license and have passed your theory test. If you do not have a practical test booked, don’t worry. Simply provide us with your driving license number along with your theory pass certificate number and we will get you a fast-track driving test – If you can need help to book your theory test, this can be arranged for you.

However, please remember that our semi-intensive driving course is designed for learners who have recently failed a practical driving test, international drivers, and those who are almost up to test standard. They are not suitable for the new beginner.

Croydon Driving Test Centre
Canterbury Road
Right turn
London Road
End of the road, turn left
Mayday Road
Take a right turn
Bensham Lane
Take the 2nd left
Queens Road
At the mini roundabout, right turn
Pawsons Road
Take the 2nd left
Whitehorse Road
At the mini roundabout, straight ahead. End of the road. turn left
Thornton Heath High Street
Follow the road to the left. Bear to the left
Brook Road
Take the 2nd right, go straight ahead
Melford Road
Left turn
Strathyre Road
Take the 3rd left
Dalmeny Avenue
Turn right
Kilmartin Avenue
Turn left
Dumbarton Avenue
Straight at crossroad. Turn right. Also, right
Melrose Avenue
Take a left
Dalmeny Avenue
End of the road, also left
Ederline Avenue
Right turn
Norbury Crescent
End of the road, Left turn
Manor Farm Road
Right turn
Norbury Avenue
End of the road, take a left turn
London Road
End of the road, also left
Thornton Road
At the roundabout, right turn
Harcourt Road
Left turn. Take the 4th left
Curzon Road
Also, left
Keston Road
End of the road, turn left
Thornton Road
End of the road, also left
Canterbury Road
Finally, turn left at the roundabout into
Croydon Driving Test Centre


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We can either automatic book you an earlier driving test or consult your instructor first, if needed. This will save you £100s in driving lessons.

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