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Croydon Driving Test Centre Information

Both male and female toilets are provided at Croydon driving test centre. However, there is limited car parking for test candidates. Therefore, please do not arrive too early for your driving test as it can interfere with the previous test candidates. When leaving the car park, watch out for pedestrians.

Address for Croydon Practical Driving Test Centre

Emergency manual and automatic driving test car hire Croydon available
Emergency manual and automatic driving test car hire Croydon available

111 Canterbury Road,
Greater London.
CR0 3HH.






Croydon Driving Test Centre on Google Maps

Croydon Town Information

Driving Test Centres Closest to Croydon Driving Test Centre:Hire Car for Driving Test Croydon

Mitcham Practical Test Centre (London) – Distance: 1.91 miles
Sutton Practical Test Centre (London) – Distance: 3.43 miles
Morden Practical Test Centre (London) – Distance: 4.13 miles 
West Wickham Practical Test Centre (London) – Distance: 4.63 miles
Bromley Court Practical Test Centre (London) – Distance: 5.58 miles 


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Hire Car for Driving Test Croydon – Preparation

Dual Controlled Car Hire CroydonThe average waiting list for a driving test in Croydon is well over eight weeks. You should, therefore, congratulate yourself that you have managed to find a quick driving test date. Renting a car for your driving test is not a problem for DTC Driving Test Car Hire.  However, you need to do the most important thing which is to prepare yourself to pass.

Driving Test Car Hire Croydon – Check email confirmation Letter

Last Minute Driving School CroydonThis is one of the easiest but most important things that a person needs to do a day or two before their driving test. Firstly, as there are two driving test centres in Croydon, it is important that you reconfirm that you will be attending and the correct address. Furthermore, driving test appointment at Croydon occurs at awkward timings such as 2.24 pm. This can be easily confused with 2.30 pm. If you did turn up for your driving test at 2.30 instead of 2.24, the test will probably be cancelled and you will lose your fee. Not only will you have to rebook another driving test appointment but you will also have to hire a car for your driving test again.

Last Minute Driving Instructor Croydon – Make Contact

It is always better to make contact with your instructor to agree on a meeting time and place. Many driving instructors will not answer their phone when driving. Therefore, it may be better to leave a text message. If you are not feeling 100% confident, DTC can arrange one-day intensive driving lessons in the Croydon area.

Dual Control Car Hire Croydon – Provisional Driver License

It is most important that you take your photocard provisional license with you when attending for a practical test. No other forms of ID including passport will be accepted.


DTC Fast Track Driving Test Croydon

DTC Fast Track Driving Test Croydon can search Croydon practical test centre every 20 seconds for earlier driving test dates. Will search all day from 6 AM to 11:30 PM. Furthermore, will continue to search each and every single day until we find a date which meets your requirements.

To access the services of DTC Fast Track Driving Test Croydon, all that is required is a simple phone call during office hours or text us 24/7 on 07799-886380.

Firstly begin at Croydon DTC
Canterbury Road
Right turn
London Road
End of the road, left
Brigstock Road
Fourth right
Brook Road
Fifth left, right
Melfort Road
End of the road, left
Strathyre Avenue
Third road turn left
Dalmeny Ave
Right turn
Kilmartin Avenue
Left turn
Dunbar Avenue
Crossroads ahead
Melrose Ave
Left turn here
Dalmeny Avenue
End of the road, left
Ederline Ave
Norbury Crescent
End of the road, take a left
Manor Farm Road
Turn right
Norbury Avenue
End of the road, left
Kennington Avenue
Second right
Brigstock Road
Traffic lights ahead, and then right
Bensham Lane
Fourth left, roundabout ahead
Mayday Road
Right turn
London Road
End of the road, left
Canterbury Road
Finally right turn into
The driving test centre


About us

Short Notice Driving Test Car Rental Croydon

DTC UK has been established and registered with the DVSA since 1987 under ADI 120120. We can book short notice driving test not only at Croydon but throughout the UK, covering each and every single practise test centre.

We started our “Driving Test Car Hire Croydon” service in 2009 and have help 1000s of learners pass their dring test at short notice. If you have booked at Short Notice at either Croydon or anywhere in the UK, we may be able to help with a rental car. All our cars are insured and fitted with dual controls, for your safety.

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