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Cancellation Driving Tests West Didsbury – Manchester Centre

The drive from Manchester, West Didsbury practical test centre will start with the driving examiner requesting to see your photo card provisional driving licence. You will be requested to sign a declaration to confirm that the vehicle you bought to the driving test is insured for you to drive. Furthermore, the declaration will confirm that you have lived in the UK for the past six months.

Earlier Driving Test West Didsbury – Eyesight Test

The driving examiner will then ask you whether you would like either your driving instructor or anybody else to accompany you to the driving test. It is entirely your decision but you are advised to discuss this with your supervising examiner beforehand. When you get the car park, you will be required to perform a very simple eyesight test in which the examiner will ask you to read a number plate at a distance of 20 m. You May wear glasses if required. However, if you do with passes to read the number plate, you must wear them not only throughout the driving test but each and every time you drive. Having successfully read the number plate, the driving examiner will ask you a vehicle safety question before starting with the actual drive.

Short Notice Driving Test West Didsbury – Reversing Manoeuvre

Part of the driving test at West Didsbury will involve you performing a reversing manoeuvre. The choice of the manoeuvre will belong solely to the driving examiner. Most driving examiners at West Didsbury would prefer to carry out the bay park manoeuvre. This is usually conducted at the driving test centre car park either at the very beginning or at the end of the driving test. However, if the examiner chooses not to request the bay park manoeuvre, a reverse exercise will have to be requested on the public road.

In order for you to pass a driving test, West Didsbury will need to prove that you are safe as well as confident in all aspects of road systems including crossroads, junctions of various sorts and roundabouts. Along the driving test route, you will encounter busy dual carriageways such as the A5105.

Short Notice Driving Test West Didsbury – Driving Test Routes

Knowing each and every single driving test route for West Didsbury is not important. However, familiarising yourself with a few roads surrounding the test centre is a huge advantage. Many learner drivers who fail the driving test at the West Didsbury practical test centre do so very close to centre itself.

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Address of West Didsbury Practical Driving Test Centre 

West Didsbury DTC,
Unit 11
Christie Park
West Didsbury
Greater Manchester
M21 7QY.

View on Google Maps.

Both male, female and disabled toilets available. Furthermore, car parking facilities are also available. This Test Centre Provides its services for Testing of Cars only.

Car driving test centres closest to Manchester West Didsbury DTC:

Manchester Sale Practical Test Centre – Distance: 2.6 miles
Manchester Salford Practical Test Centre – Distance: 3.85 miles
Manchester Cheadle Practical Test Centre – Distance: 4.24 miles
Manchester Cheetham Hill Practical Test Centre – Distance: 5.3 miles
Manchester Bredbury Practical Test Centre – Distance: 5.53 miles


Pass Rate for West Didsbury Practical Driving Test Centre

The West Didsbury Practical test centre has a pass rate of 42.3%. This is an average pass rate of large cities. The Manchester driving test centre conducted 3905 car test year. From these, 1652 pass certificates were issued.

Driving Test Cancellations West Didsbury

Like driving test centres in Manchester, West Didsbury has a long waiting time for a driving test appointment. Driving test cancellations do show up on the official government website but they are snapped up within seconds. You are lucky enough to be logged on at the same time as somebody cancels their appointment, you will be able to book that earlier driving test date for yourself.

Change Driving Test with DTC UK

DTC UK driving test cancellations is continuously logged on to the DVSA website. The search for earlier driving test dates every second of every day. We can usually find you an earlier driving test date within two weeks. If you require a much sooner driving test, example if your theory certificate is about to expire, DTC UK may still be able to help. If you are prepared to be flexible and take your driving test anywhere within Manchester, you can normally find your driving test within two days. Why not call DTC UK driving test cancellations for a friendly chat to discuss your requirements.


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We can either automatic book you an earlier driving test or consult your instructor first, if needed. This will save you £100s in driving lessons.

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