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Cancellation Driving Tests Sale – South West Manchester

Based in south-west Manchester, the drive from Sale driving test centre will involve many varied road systems. Mini-roundabouts, large multi-lane roundabouts, marked and unmarked crossroads and both open and closed junctions are all to be expected on the sale driving test route.

Earlier Driving Test Sale – Fast Roads

Fast flowing “A” roads such as the A560 and the A56 which includes sections of dual carriageways, rural country driving village roads will all form part of the driving test from sale driving test centre. Don’t expect the test will be in Sale only, the examiner may take you further afield to places like Stretford, Timperley and Carrington. The smaller towns and villages will often be used to assess your ability at meeting with oncoming vehicles whilst dealing with hazards such as stationary vehicles and passing cyclists.

Short Notice Driving Test Sale – Independent Drive

The forty Minutes’ drive from sale driving test centre will include 20 minutes of the independent driving section, one reverse manoeuvre and possibly the emergency stop. The examiner will also request that you pull up on the left and then move off again several times. This seems like a very easy task but many learner drivers fail, simply because they forget to check over their right shoulder prior to moving off.

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Address of Sale Driving Test Centre 

Sale DTC,
36 – 38 Poplar Grove
Greater Manchester
M33 7ER.

View on Google Maps.

A ramp access to Sale Driving Test Centre is provided for wheelchair users. Male, female and disabled toilets are also available. Furthermore, Candidate parking spaces are available. The Sale Practical Test Centre extends its services to car drivers and ADIs.

Car driving centres closest to Manchester Sale DTC:

Manchester West Didsbury Practical Test Centre – Distance: 2.6 miles
Manchester  Salford Practical Test Centre – Distance: 4.71 miles
Manchester  Cheadle Practical Test Centre  – Distance: 5.96 miles
Manchester  Cheetham Practical Test Centre – Distance: 6.49 miles
Manchester Bredbury Practical Test Centre – Distance: 8.13 miles

Pass Rate at Sale Driving Test Centre

Sale Driving Test Centre has an average pass rate of 50.3%. This is slightly above the national average. Last year, 3779 people attempted their driving test, with 1899 people passing their driving test, giving Sale driving test centre a pass rate of 50.3%.

Short Notice Driving Test Sale

If you would like an earlier driving test date at Sale or one of Manchester’s other driving test centres, then DTC UK can help. We certainly for driving test cancellations, not only at Sale, you never driving test centre in the UK. We are so confident that we can guarantee an earlier driving test date that we charge no upfront payment. Even if you require a driving test the very same week, DTC UK can often find your last-minute driving test at Manchester within days.


Sale Driving Test Centre
Wardle Road
also, right
South Grove
End Left
Hope Road
Traffic Lights, straight on
Brooklands Road
first left.
Marple Road
End Right
Wendover Road
Fifth Left
Ferndown Road
First Right
Altrincham Road
Third right
Stockport Road
take left
Mayfield Road
Take right
Perry Rd
Also, take right
Vale Rd
take right again
Mayfield Rd
End right
Vale Rd
Crowley Rd
straight on
Merton Grove
End left
Merton Grove
Crossroads left
Mayfield Rd
End Right
Stockport Rd
Thorley Lane
Shaftesbury Aveune
Second Left
Brooklands Rd
Fourth Right
Norris Rd
Second left
Alcester Rd
End Right
Whitehall Rd
End Left
Beaufort Rd
also, End Left
Marsiero Road
Second right
Wardle Road
Finally second left back into
Sale, Manchester Driving Test Centre


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