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Earlier Driving Test Cheadle – Residential Roads

Located in a busy part of Manchester is Cheadle driving test centre. Due to its location, most of the test will involve town driving and very little rule country roads. It has its fair share of roundabouts ranging from small mini-roundabouts to large multilane traffic controlled roundabouts. Some of these roundabouts lead onto busy dual carriageways such as the A34.

Short Notice Driving Test Cheadle – Dual Carriageways

Many learner drivers dread the busy dual carriageways. However, dual carriageways some of the safest roads in the UK. One of the most important things when emerging onto a dual carriageway, it to increase your speed to match that of the traffic already on the main road. Once you’re on the main road, it is important that you keep in the left-hand lane unless you’re overtaking.

Independent Drive

The drive from Cheadle driving test centre will last approximately 35 to 40 minutes. Most of this time will be spent on the independent driving section of the test. This is where the driving examiner will ask you to follow directions given by a satnav. Apart from the independent driving section, the examiner will also expect you to carry out one reverse manoeuvre out of a possible four. The choice reverse manoeuvre will belong to the examiner. Emergency stop exercise may or may not be requested. Once again, it is solely at the discretion of the examiner.

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Address for Manchester Cheadle Practical Driving Test Centre 

Cheadle DTC,
Cheadle Fire Station,
Turves Road, Cheadle Hulme,
Manchester, Greater Manchester.
Sk8 6AY.

View on Google Maps.

The Cheadle Driving Test Centre site doesn’t have available toilet facilities. Furthermore, there’s a strict no smoking policy anywhere on site. On arrival, please follow signs for the access road and park at the rear of the Fire Station. For security reasons, please wait in the car for the examiner to arrive. Please do not arrive more than 5 Minutes before your test.


Nearby driving test centres to Cheadle:

West Didsbury driving test centre – Distance: 4.24 miles
Bredbury driving test centre – Distance: 4.73 miles
Sale driving test centre – Distance: 5.96 miles
Hyde driving test centre – Distance: 6.94 miles
Salford driving test centre – Distance: 7.81 miles


Pass Rate at Cheadle Driving Test Centre

Just over 100 driving tests are conducted each month at Cheadle driving test centre, out of which around 55-60 pass. Giving the test centre a high pass rate of 55%. However, this does vary, pass rates have previously been recorded from 53% to 61%.

Although the pass rate high, you must still perform to the best of your ability, exercising caution and care for other road users as well as yourself.


Driving Test Cancellations Cheadle

Like all other driving test centres in and around the Manchester area, Cheadle practical test centre has a very large waiting time for appointments. It is imperative that the learner driver takes this into consideration when making driving test booking. If you find that your driving test is approaching but you have not made enough progress, you can very easily change your driving test date to a later appointment. It is far easier to move your test later date then to try to bring it forward to an earlier one.

If you are fully prepared to take a test, it is essential that you driving test at the earliest. If you delay taking the practical test, you risk losing some of the things that you have learnt. It is unless you continue to take regular lessons which can work out a very expensive. The search for an earlier driving test dates on the government website provided you have a current booking. You will need your current application reference number along with your provisional driving licence number to search for earlier driving test dates. It must be noted that these dates will only appear if another learner driver chooses to cancel their driving test appointment. Unfortunately, this is very rare.

DTC Driving Test Cancellations

DTC driving test cancellations are continuously logged in to the DVSA website. The matter-of-fact, we will make over 3000 searches for a driving test cancellations at the Cheadle practical test centre. If you are prepared to be flexible and will consider other test centres, we can also search these additional test centres. We are willing to search to 5 practical test centres which will mean over 15,000 searches per day, every single day. The searches will continue until we find a driving test cancellation that suits your needs. Do not delay, call DTC UK now.



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