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Earlier Driving Test Tolworth – Different Road Types

Located in a busy part of London, the drive from Tolworth driving test centre will involve many different road systems. Tolworth has its fair share of roundabouts. These range from small mini-Earlier Driving Test Dates Tolworth, Londonroundabouts in the quieter residential roads to large multilane roundabouts leading onto busy dual carriageways such as the A3.

Crossroads and junctions of all sorts will be present in the driving test. Some of these junctions are totally blind. Not only must you stop, but you must creep out and then stop again. Only proceed if you’re 100% sure that it is safe to go.

There are one or two roads on the Tolworth driving test route that are poorly marked. Therefore, in order to should driving test, you must actively be looking out for all road signs and road markings.

Short Notice Driving Test Tolworth – Reversing

You will be requested to carry out one reverse manoeuvre out of a possible four. The choice of manoeuvre belongs to the examiner. There is also a possibility that the examiner may request you Earlier Practical Test Dates Tolworth, Londonto carry out the emergency stop exercise. Half the driving test will involve independent driving where you will be required to follow directions given by a satnav.

Throughout the driving test, the examiner will expect you a safe but positive drive. You are allowed to make up to 15 minor mistakes and still pass your driving test. However, but serious or dangerous mistakes are allowed.

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Address of Tolworth Practical Driving Test Centre 

Tolworth (London)DTC,
Douglas House
1B Douglas Road
Greater London
KT6 7RZ.

Short Notice Tests available at Tolworth

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Ramp access to Tolworth Driving Test Centre is available for wheelchair users. Both male and female toilets are also available. Furthermore, parking facilities are available but limited. This Test Centre Provides Tests For Car, Motorcycle, ADI and Taxi.

Car driving test centres closest to Tolworth DTC:

Morden (London) Practical Test Centre – Distance: 3.52 miles
Sutton (London) Practical Test Centre – Distance: 5.96 miles
Isleworth (London) Practical Test Centre – Distance: 6.1 miles
Croydon (London) Practical Test Centre – Distance: 7.61 miles
Mitcham (London) Practical Test Centre – Distance: 7.9 miles

Pass Rate at Tolworth Driving Test Centre

Fast Track Driving Test Cancellations Tolworth, LondonTolworth (London) driving test centre has a pass rate of 49.7%. Last Year, 4286 candidates had attempted their car practical driving test, with 2132 people passing their driving test. Learners need to know, pass rate to a driving test centre does not determine any high or low chances when it comes to passing the driving test. The DVSA driving examiner is expecting you to drive to the DVSA standard. ts.

Driving Test Cancellations Tolworth

Driving Test Cancellations Tolworth, LondonTolworth practical test centre is an extremely busy centre which is struggling to cope with demand for driving tests in the area. Occasionally, the DVSA will make a request to the examiner’s to work overtime at weekends in order to help reduce the waiting time.

Change Driving Test through Instructor

If you have recently taken and have been unsuccessful at your driving test, it is imperative that you rebook at the earliest opportunity whilst the information is still fresh in your mind. You can ask your driving instructor to help you to find an earlier driving test date. Instructor normally no offer pupil or even two who may have a driving test approaching but will not be prepared for it. The instructor may call the DVSA and request that they change your driving test date with that of the other pupil. In this way, all parties will benefit.

However, if your instructor is unable to assist you, you may want to search for driving test cancellations at the official government website GOV.UK. Driving test cancellations for the toll the practical test centre do appear occasionally but these are far and few. You must be prepared to spend many hours with great patience searching for earlier driving test dates.

DTC Driving Test Cancellations

Cancellation Driving Tests Tolworth, LondonIf like many learner drivers, you lead the lifestyle, searching for earlier driving test dates may not be practical. DTC driving test cancellations can assist you. You continuously logged on at GOV.UK hitting over 3000 searches for earlier driving test dates at the Tolworth practical test centre. We can guarantee you had earlier driving test within two weeks in the Tolworth area. Why not call DTC UK now to discuss your requirements for a quick driving test at Tolworth.

Driving Test Cancellation Tolworth

Driving test cancellations at the Tolworth test center are far and few. If you have been lucky enough to land a cancellation, you may be faced with another problem. Most instructors in and around the Tolworth area are fully booked up weeks ahead. As a result, your instructor may not be available to take you to the test.

Hire Car for Driving Test Tolworth

DTC has the answer. We have a team of driving instructors available last minute at all London driving test centers. Our emergency driving instructors come with a dual control car which meats all DVSA requirements. With our “Driving Test Car Hire Tolworth” service, you have a choice between an automatic or a manual car.

Intensive Driving Lessons Tolworth

However, if you don’t feel 100% ready, you have the option of taking a few intensive lessons. The intensive driving lessons are structured to get you through the practical test in the shortest possible time. Find out more about our Intensive driving lessons Tolworth.

Driving Test Centre - Tolworth
Turn Left
Douglas Road
End Left
Ewell Road
Sixth Right
Berrylands Rd
ahead, left and crossroads left
Kings Drive
First Right.
Pine Gardens
End Right
Raeburn Avenue
Eighth Right
Elgar Avenue
Traffic Lights left
Tolworth Broadway
Roundabout right
Ahead then exit left.
Right, which is third exit
Claygate Lane
End Right
Manor Road
Fifth Left
Rectory Lane
End Left
Church Road
First Right.
Ditton Hill Rd
End Left
Hook Road
Take Right
Ditton Rd
End right
Ewell Road
Second Right
Douglas Rd
And Finally, Back to
Tolworth Driving Test Centre


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