Driving Test Pass Rate – Lowest in 10 Years

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Driving Test Pass Rate – Lowest in 10 Years

The pass rates of the driving test have in a 10 year low. Since December 2017, the overall pass rate has been 45.5%. This follows the major changes made to the practical driving test on the 4th December last year.

New Manoeuvres in the Driving Test

The reverse-around-the-corner and the turn-in-the-road manoeuvres were dropped from the test. Instead, they were replaced with real-life manoeuvers such as forward bay park and reverse bay park. The satnav was also introduced to the test and the independent driving section of the test doubled to 20 minutes. Furthermore, one of the vehicle safety questions is now asked while is the candidate is driving. An example of this is, “Can you show me how open and close the window.”

Institute of Advanced Motorist

Neil Grey from the Institute if Advance Motorist (IAM) said, Research from around the world shows that getting as much experience of driving in as wide a range of traffic conditions as possible will make you a safer driver in the long run” Learner drivers need to appreciate that passing the driving test does not mean they know it all. The driving examiner issuing a pass certificate just mean, “In their opinion, the candidate is ready to learn to drive on their own.

Increase your Chances of Passing the Driving Test

  1. Make sure that you’re fully prepared for the practical test. You must be able to drive without any help from your instructor at all. You should be able to complete all the manoeuvres while making the necessary observations.
  2.  Try to take driving lessons on different days and even different times. If for example, you were to take most of the lessons on Sunday morning, you will struggle with a driving test in the rush hour traffic.
  3. Be familiar with the car. You should know where all the controls are situated and how to safely use them. One of the reasons the pass rate for the driving test has dropped is the candidate’s ability to answer the show me questions.

DTC Driving Test Services

If you have been one of the unlucky candidates to fail the driving test, do not let it get you down. Many learners end up waiting months for a retest. Some lose hope and tend to give up during this time as other things take priority in life.

DTC UK searches can search any driving test centre in the UK for earlier driving test dates. In fact, we can search up to 5 test centre every 20 seconds. We guarantee an earlier driving test in 2 weeks or its free. With DTC Driving Test Car Hire service, you can have an emergency driving instructor to cover your short notice test at only 48 hours notice. Increase your chances of passing the driving further by visiting https://www.youtube.com/drivingtestuk  

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