Practical  Driving Test Marking System

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Are you aware of the new marking system that driving examiners have started using? If not then this blog is worth reading, especially if you have an upcoming driving test! e aware of what to expect in your practical driving test. 

Firstly the rising use of technology around the world is being moulded into the UK driving tests, this means that your driving examiner will now use an iPad instead of the old paper-based system that was previously used. This is good news for learner drivers who pass their test because the excitement of receiving your official driver’s license can be sped up, the results can be sent to the DVLA directly from the iPad which means that you could get your license a lot faster than the usual 3 weeks waiting time! Following this is the usual eyesight test and tell me and show me questions. 

There are some changes before the test takes place too. For example, you will now be asked for your email address so that the report of your test can be sent to you when the test is over whether it is a pass or a fail. The usual insurance and residency signature declaration will be needed just like before but this will also be done on the iPad. Therefore do make sure that your home address is correct!

Your driving test report that will be sent to you after your test will include all your faults starting with dangerous, serious and then minor faults most likely in the order in which they occur in the test.

Finally, at the end of the test, as usual, the examiner will call your driving instructor over, if you agree that is,  to discuss the results of your test and also share any comments that they have and as before if you pass you will receive a pass certificate and you will be asked to sign on the iPad once again to confirm that you have no health issues. The examiner will then end the test by clicking “end test” and your results will automatically be sent off to the DVLA as soon as Wi-Fi becomes available.

If you are unfortunate to fail than you will need to reapply. The DVSA states that you must wait 10 working days to resist your practical test. However, the average waiting time at most driving test centres is over 3 months. If you need a practical test as a matter for urgency DTC UK can help find an earlier driving test date for you. We have a fee of £30 but this is not payable until the test has been booked.

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