Private Practice Alongside Driving Lessons with Instructor

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Private Practice Alongside Driving Lessons with Instructor

When learning how to drive with your parents, it is also advisable to take a couple driving lessons with a professional ADI approved driving instructor. Learner driver generally would need around 40-50 hours of professional driving lessons before there are anywhere near the driving test standard ready. The DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) advice learners to take driving lessons from an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) plus extra private practice.

Private Driving Lessons – Advantages

The main advantage is saving money. Driving lessons are can be very expensive. However, learners are able to learn all the necessary techniques and get the tips from an ADI.  They are then able to put that in practice with their parents/friends. This helps keeps the cost of lessons to a minimum.  

However, a learner driver should keep a record of everything which they are taught with their parents as well with the driving instructors. The record should consist of all the topics which have been covered, any tips or techniques, areas of improvements and future topics which need to be covered. They should use this record or any tips which the driving instructor has advised when practising with their parents. This will help the learner improve on any areas the driving instructor has noted.  

Professional Driving Lessons – Advantages

An approved driving instructor has the training and experience to teach learners drivers. They will teach in a safe and controlled environment. Furthermore, the driving instructor will teach you the syllabus set by the DVSA in order to pass the practical test. This is why it is advisable to take the necessary training with a driving instructor, so you have complete knowledge.

Communication Between ADI and Supervising Driver

Communication is very important when doing combination training, especially if the learner is practising with the parent. The parent must make sure to follow the record and notes made by the driving instructor to help the learner practice. Try to avoid shortcuts in learning and stick to what the instructor has taught the learner. When the parent and learner do not communicate very well, it can lead to problems.

Disadvantages of Private Driving Lessons

Along with all the benefits of combination driving test, there are disadvantages which can be a negative effect on the learner. Experience drivers also tend to have bad habits, which learner drivers can easily pick up. Once a learner has bad habits, it can take a lot of time and practices to get out of the habits. It can also cost more in lesson times with the instructor. It is advisable to start having driving lessons with an approved driving instructor. The learner should learn the basics such as accelerations, clutch, gears and the basic safety knowledge behind the vehicle and be safe on the road. Ensure the driving instructors agrees it is safe for you to practise with a parent before going on to the road.

Booking Your Driving Test

The average waiting time for a driving test, at most driving test centres, all over two months. Taking this consideration, learner driver should apply for their practical test before they are actually fully ready. As the test comes closer, if the learner does not feel 100% prepared, it is very easy to forward the date.

If you are looking to do your driving test within the next 2 to 3 weeks, you will need to search on the government website the driving test cancellations. The DVSA does not hold a cancellation waiting list. Early driving test lots will only appear if someone currently has a practical test booked decides to cancel. If you have the lifestyle and do not have the time or the patience to search for a driving test cancellations, DTC UK will be able to assist you.

We search the DVSA website over 3000 times each and every single day. We can guarantee you an earlier driving test date within two weeks at your local area or it’s totally free. Why not improve your chances of passing the driving test by visiting our YouTube channel.






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