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How to Apply for a Provisional Driving Licence

DTC UK - How to get a provisional license

How to Apply for a Provisional Driving Licence

You need to pass your theory test before you can even book your practical test. The theory test is the first of two tests in order to get your driver’s licence. It involves two separate sections; the multiple choice section and the hazard perception. However, before you can even book your theory test you require a provisional driving licence.

Applying for your first provisional driving licence

You can apply for a provisional licence for a moped, motorbike or car directly from the DVLA online. However, you must be at least 15 years and 9 months old and be able to read a number plate from 20 meters away. You may wear glasses if needed.  The online process will also require you to have a Government Gateway ID. If this is your first time using a service like this, you will be assigned an ID as part of your application.

Before you start you should be aware that applying for a provisional licence costs £34. You will also have to provide a variety of identification documents. If you have a valid UK biometric passport this is sufficient, for those who don’t, you will have to provide another form of valid documentation. In addition to this, you will need the addresses where you’ve lived in the past three years. If you have your National Insurance number this is also be required a part of the application process.

Apply for Provisional Driving Licence Online 

Using the Government online service means your licence will arrive much quicker, usually within one week of applying. It should be noted that this timeframe may be extended if the DVLA have to perform additional checks to verify your identity.

Apply for Your Provisional Driving Licence By post

If you are unable to access the online process there are other ways to apply. The alternative is via post. You can get access to the form from main post office branches. The form is called Form D1. You can also view and print this form online on the DVLA website. Unfortunately, there is an increased cost in applying via post, it increases from £34 to £43. You should ensure your cheque or postal order is made payable to DVLA and never send cash for this application.

Send Photo Identity

In the same envelope, you should include a colour passport style photograph. Yet this is only valid if you have a biometric style passport. If you do not have one of these you will need to send a different form of identification. This can include; biometric residence permit (identify card for foreign nationals); an EU National Identity card, or a travel document. These will have to be the original documents.  Send your application and payment to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AD. 

You should receive your provisional driving licence within three weeks. If you have not received your licence by this time period, you should contact the DVLA.

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