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Driving Test Tips

Driving Test Tips – Meeting Vehicles

Driving Test Tips – Meeting Vehicles

Today I’m going to talk about meeting vehicles. Firstly, what is meeting vehicles? Basically, it is a point where you stop and meet another vehicle coming towards you.

So you got a parked car or a row of cars on your side of the road. In order for you to overtake these cars, would need to cross over to the other side of the road. However, there is a coming towards you but there is only enough room for one vehicle. The general rule,  if the vehicle is on your side of the road, you need to stop and give way to the oncoming vehicle. If the parked vehicle was on the other side of the road, then you have priority, so the oncoming vehicle should stop and give you the way. However please remember, priority must be given and not taken.

There are parked cars on both sides of the road then nobody has priority. It’s a matter of courtesy and consideration. When driving along the road with parked vehicles, look far ahead scanning from left to right. Look for gaps between the parked cars, both on your side of the road and the other side.

As soon as you see an oncoming vehicle, check the rearview mirror and ease, of the accelerator. This will slow the vehicle down slightly and give you a chance to think. If you do decide to give way, please make sure that you leave enough room for the oncoming vehicle to pass through.

However, at the same time, you were not pull in to must to the left as other drivers behind you may think that you are parking. Bear in mind that the person who gives ways is in full control.

Some drivers may flash their headlights to indicate that they are giving you way, whilst other drivers may flash their headlights to say thank you. In fact, according to the Highway Code, flashing of headlights means only one thing and that is warning of one’s presence. If you do decide to proceed, proceed only if you are sure the oncoming vehicle is slowing down to give you way, not because they have flashed at you.

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