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The History Of Driving In Sutton, South West London

Emergency driving test in South West London

DTC Driving Test Services can reveal that the Transport for London (TfL) has committed £70million to an extension of the Croydon network. The extension will begin in 2018 and will allow commuters to reach the lower part of the northern line at Morden without having to take an overhead train to a full Balham and change trains. 

It will offer regular connections to parts of Southwark and Lambeth and will be accessible to virtually anyone living south of the Thames. If you travel by train to the driving test centre, it becomes a convenient option for a larger region. The Sutton driving test center closed down permanently in 2019 but nearby Morden is available at 10 Tudor Dr, Morden SM4 4PE. If you do have a practical driving test booked at the Morden Driving Test Center, please remember to take your provisional licence and a car to the test. If you do not have access to your own car you car hire a dual control car with an accompanying driving instructor from DTC Driving Test Services

Sutton also has access to a range of public transport, including the London Underground and Tube. For those who want to travel for lessons, Croydon is also an attractive choice, with excellent public transport and a wide range of local shops and restaurants. 

The SM postcode area also includes Croydon town centre, where roads can be busy during the day. It is not surprising that some students have struggled here, as many of the test routes are in a city that is not in the London borough of Sutton. The practical test route that starts here will take you through the city centre, to the south-west corner of the city and then to a junction with the South West London Underground. 

Sutton is one of several towns stretching across a narrow bed of Thanet sand stretching from Croydon in the east to Epsom in the west. It is within London’s Zone 5 and borders Kingston, Merton and Croydon. There is a Metropolitan Police Service Force for the area, and Sutton Police Station, in Sutton, south west London, is covered by the tariff zones. If you throw a stone at Camber Sands, you will find a place that stands out from the beaches of London in its unabashed beauty. 

In Surrey, the first enclosures were usually for farms, but in Sutton, this most likely refers to Oldfields Farm, which is located on the south slope of Rose Hill near Angel. The southern enclosure was to be along Stane Street, which was part of the northern boundary between the communities of Sutton and is now being traced back to its original location at the turnpike. Originally, the inns located on the south and east sides of this intersection of the rotisserie were perpendicular to each other.

Four out of five people in Sutton aged 16 to 64 are economically active, which is above the London average and the national average. In 2009, the number of new businesses almost doubled, and Sutton had the highest in the South West London borough. Sutton’s population has doubled in the past 20 years, according to the census, increasing by 1.5% annually since 2000.

There is much to be proud of as a city councillor and borough, but Sutton is unique and well placed to contribute to and capitalise on London’s success by realising the potential of the city, borough and community.

Through the Sutton Decentralised Energy Network, Sutton Council is a growth engine and takes a proactive approach to growth, with a focus on decentralised energy, living and working conditions for all residents and a strong commitment to sustainable development. 

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