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Learning to Drive in Croydon

Whether you are 17 years old or your 70 years old, learning to drive in the Croydon area can be very exciting as well as challenging. However, before you start this challenge you must ensure that you hold a provisional driving licence. As a British passport holder, you will be able to apply for your provisional driving licence online at the DVLA website. If you do not hold a British passport, you can type your provisional driving licence by completing the D1 form available at most post offices.

The Theory Part of the Test 

In order to obtain a UK driving licence, learner driver must pass a theory test followed by a practical driving test. The theory test will be into sections and both sections need to be passed at the same time. The first section is a multiple choice. The pass mark for the multiple choice is 86%. Therefore you will need to answer 43 questions correctly out of the 50 asked. The second section is the hazard perception test. The pass mark for the hazard perception is 44 out of 75. Once you have successfully passed the theory test, you will be able to book your practical driving test at Croydon.

Learning to Drive with an Instructor in Croydon

If you decide to learn to drive from a driving instructor there are several things that you need to take into consideration. Firstly, you will need to decide whether you would like an instructor with a manual car or an automatic car. It is easier to learn to drive in an automatic car but once you have passed the driving test you will be restricted only to automatic vehicles. However, if you should driving a manual vehicle, you will be able to drive both automatic and manual cars.

Standard Price of Driving Lessons in Croydon

Many driving schools and driving instructors in the Croydon area will have special offers to attract newcomers. However, it is important to know what the standard price of the lessons will be after the introductory discount. Some driving schools may offer a certain number of hours for, let’s say £99. However, many of these driving lessons must be taken leading up to your test. This means that either you are stuck with the same driving instructor throughout the whole course. If you do decide to leave, the introductory offer will actually work out more expensive than the standard lessons.

The Practical Test at Croydon

The average waiting time to take a test at the Croydon practical driving test centre is well over two months. Cancellations do occasionally appear but are very rare. If you have recently failed driving test or have been driving abroad, DTC UK can guarantee your driving test in the Croydon area within two weeks or it is completely free. If you were driving test prearranged, we can arrange an emergency driving instructor for you.


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