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The driving lessons are tailored to your individual needs and each lesson gives you the opportunity to try them all out. The best way to learn is to behave yourself and learn as best you can, whether it is by driving – through a course or – on – a session with a teacher.

Ashford is in Spelthorne, Surrey, although a small part of it belongs to the London borough of Hounslow. Ashford in Middlesex is the area where the driving lessons take place. 

Ashford is one of the most popular driving courses in the country with a high level of education, making it a great place to learn to drive.

Here at DTC we can provide you with car hire to use on the day of your test as well as a qualified driving instructor to accompany you to the test. We can offer you this at a 24 hour notice therefore we specialise in last minute driving test services. 

If you want to learn to drive in Staines, Feltham, Laleham and the surrounding area, this is the place to be. We offer driving lessons in Ashford as well as driving lessons in other surrounding towns and villages. On 20 May 2012, the official name of the town was changed to Staines on the Thames.

Ashford, which had a population of 27,382 in 2010, is growing steadily and is also connected to a number of smaller satellite villages, including Stanwell Moor, just yards from Heathrow.

We at DTC driving test services know Ashford and the surrounding towns very well and know what is required of new drivers. It starts out as the perfect place to develop faster in a less stressful environment. 

Why not improve your driving by visiting our YouTube Channel DTC driving tips for life.

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