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Car for Driving Test Morden

Many learner drivers turn up at the Morden practical test centre hoping to do their driving test using the examiner’s car. In many parts of the world, this is common practice. However, here in the UK, the driving examiners or the DVSA will not allow any test candidate to use one of their vehicles.

Using the Driving Examiners Car

The DVSA sends out an email confirmation to all candidates regarding their driving test booking. This is an important email which contains details of what to bring to the practical driving test. Unfortunately, many learner drivers fail to read this document properly. The confirmation email clearly states and the learner driver must bring their UK driving licence and a car. Under no circumstances will any of the driving examiners at the Morden driving test centre allow any test candidate use of their vehicle. If a learner driver did come for a driving test without a car, they will be turned away. Furthermore, the learner driver will lose his test fee and will have to rebook another practical driving test.

Using the Driving Instructors Car

The DVSA’s confirmation email letter further states the most people tend to use a driving instructor’s car. Unfortunately, some people get confused with driving instructors and driving examiners. Driving examiners are employed by the government in order to examine your driving whilst driving instructors are basically self-employed teachers.

A driving instructor will allow test candidate to use their car for the driving test provided they have taken several lessons from them. If you have not taken several lessons from a particular driving instructor, they may still take you to the test after assessing your driving.

Using Your Own Car for the Driving Test

In the UK there is no law regarding a minimum set number of lessons. You can therefore legally take your own car to the driving test at Morden without taking a single lesson. However, this would definitely not be advisable. The 45-minute driving test is not an easy test. One serious mistake will result in the test being failed. Even if you wish to take your own car to the test, you are strongly advised to take a few driving lessons beforehand.

Furthermore, prior to taking your own car to the driving test, you should make sure that the car is fitted with our plates and has an extra rear-view mirror for the use of the examiner. The car should also be roadworthy.

DTC Driving Test Car Hire

If you do not have access to a car and you cannot get hold of a driving instructor, there is always the option to hire a car for your driving test. Any car rental for the purpose of the driving test must be fitted with dual controls otherwise the test will not be conducted.

DTC UK operates an emergency driving test car hire service. We have both automatic and manual dual control cars which come with a fully qualified driving instructor. All our instructors have knowledge of the Morden driving test routes.

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