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The Croydon driving test centre in South London is popular amongst international drivers. One of the issues that face Croydon test centre is the high number to candidates that attend for their practical test without a car. A driving test candidate must present themselves at the test centre with their UK driving license, theory certificate and a roadworthy car.

Can I use the Driving Examiners Car at Croydon?

In many countries, the driving test car is provided by the Government of that country or the driving examiners. Unfortunately, here is the UK, the driving examiners or the DVSA will not allow the candidate to hire or borrow their cars. Croydon Driving Test Centre is no exception. The examiners at Croydon will not and cannot allow any candidate to use their cars.

Can I Rent the Driving Instructors Car for the Test?

Most learner drivers in Croydon use their driving instructor’s car when attending for the practical test. But then, most learners take an average of 45 driving lessons before attending the practical test. Driving instructors in Croydon are very busy and booked up to 3 weeks in advance for normal driving lessons. Furthermore, they are booked up to 2 months in advance for driving test car hire.

Driving Instructors in Croydon will only allow a person to use their car for the driving test if they take several driving lessons from them. This can cause problems for those learners who are up to the required standard to pass the test. The should not need to waste money on unnecessary driving lessons.

Can I use my Friends Car for the Driving Test?

You can use your own or your friend’s car in the practical driving test. However, it must meet the DVSA requirements. Basically, the car presented to the examiner must legal and roadworthy. The driving examiner at Croydon will carefully inspect the car before starting the test. The candidate should pay particular attention to the tyres, lights, wipers, horn, heating system, demisters and head restraints. Furthermore, the car presented to the examiner should be clean and clear of clutter.

Using a Car Rental Company

Driving rental companies will hire out their car to full UK licence holders and to international drivers. However, they will not allow the use of their car for the purpose of the driving test. Their insurance will not cover anyone, even if named on the insurance, to drive in a DVSA practical test. Furthermore, the UK Government does not allow a rental car, unless fitted with dual control, to be used in any driving test. This rule applies to learner drivers and those taking an advanced driving test such as the Driving Instructors ADI Part 2 test.

Dual Control Car Hire with driving Instructor

DTC UK operates an emergency car hire service, especially for driving tests. We can supply an automatic or manual dual control car hire at less than 48 hours notice.  All our car hires come complete with a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor who has knowledge of the driving test routes used by the examiner at Croydon.

If you have recently failed a practical driving test and looking for a fast track service, we can book you a cancellation test in the Croydon area within 2 weeks.


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