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Since 2009, We have helped over 47,000 students pass there tests.

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Located amongst a diverse selection of road types you will find Farnborough driving test centre. Residential roads, winding country lanes and high-speed ‘A’ roads all form part of the driving test from Farnborough.

Intensive Driving Courses Farnborough – Residential Roads

Firstly, the residential roads of Farnborough seem relatively easy. However, as far as many narrow roads often with parked vehicles, these roads can easily become tricky. In order to pass a driving test on these residential roads, you need to look far ahead and be prepared to give way to oncoming traffic.

Intensive Driving Courses Farnborough – Winding Country Lanes

The winding country lanes near Farnborough are not as well maintained as residential roads. But there expect to deal with hazards such as potholes. Farnborough has many beautiful country lanes. However, these country lanes can be hazardous due to the high speeds combined with the winding bends.

Intensive Driving Courses Farnborough _ Dual Carriageways

The A331 is a popular dual carriageway that appears during the driving test. It is most important that you build up speed to match the traffic already on the dual carriageway. Many learner drivers fail their driving test because they force drivers on the main road to slow down, swerve or to stop.

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Address for Farnborough Practical Driving Test Centre

Farnborough DTC,
35 Hercules Way,
Aerospace Boulevard, Unit C1, Cirrus,
GU14 6UU.

Cancellation driving test for Farnborough

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Car parking is available. However, it is approximately 100m on the right, before Farnborough driving test centre. Disabled parking spaces are available outside the main entrance to the test centre. Both male and female toilets are available. This Test Centre Provides Tests For Car and Taxi.

Driving Test Centres Closest to Farnborough:Last Minute Driving Test Cancellations Farnborough

Guildford Practical Test Centre – Distance: 9.04 miles
Chertsey Practical Test Centre – Distance: 13.66 miles
Reading Practical Test Centre – Distance: 14.56 miles
Basingstoke Practical Test Centre  – Distance: 14.91 miles
Ashford Middlesex Practical Test Centre – Distance: 17.31 miles


Pass Rate at Farnborough Driving Test Centre

Farnborough is one of the busiest driving test centres in the country. With over a 1000 driving tests being conducted monthly. However, it also has quite a high pass rate of 54%, higher than the average. During a 6 month period where data was collected, there were 6277 driving tests conducted by the test centre. Out of this number, there were 3396 passes.

If you are taking your driving test here, ensure that you are confident with driving in busy congested areas and comfortable with city drivings.

Driving Test Cancellations Farnborough

Farnborough is a town with growing demand for driving tests. The average waiting time for a driving test appointment at Farnborough is well over two months and higher at certain times of the year. If you have recently failed your driving test, you instantly to retake it at the first available opportunity. Failing anything can be disheartening to when you put a lot of hard work into it. Unfortunately, only about 30% of all test candidates pass the first time.

Once you have rebooked your driving test at the GOV.UK website, search earlier driving test dates at the same website. You will need your licence along with your booking application reference number in order to search for earlier dates. Unfortunately, earlier driving test dates are far and few at the Farnborough practical test centre. Basically, you can be lucky in order to be logged in at GOV.UK that at the same time that somebody else cancels their driving test. Even then, you need to be quick enough to grab the cancellation date before somebody else does.


Hire Car for Driving Test Farnborough

DTC UK offers a “Driving Test Car Hire Farnborough” Service which meets all DVSA requirements. You can rent either a manual or an automatic car. Above all, our service comes complete with a qualified instructor. We normally require 48 hours notice but may be able to cover a same day car hire.

Semi-intensive Driving Lessons Farnborough

If you have a last minute driving test approaching but feel that you could do with a bit more practice, we can help. DTC driving instructors can prepare you for your practical test with our one-day “intensive driving lessons Farnborough.”

It is not going to cost you a fortune!. Reading online reviews from instructors in your local area is almost the number one way of knowing what to expect at the nearest driving school to Farnborough. Just be sure to read reviews that are aggregated by an independent source, such as Google reviews. Let us face it: Most of us never read terms & conditions, but it is essential to actually read through them thoroughly when booking classes.

Local driving schools may often have hidden policies, particularly regarding the deadlines on unspent driving lessons, so make sure that you are not caught out. Getting stuck with a driver instructor that you donat really like could be rough. Check if your driving school in Farnborough will be able to match you up easily with a new instructor should you decide that you would like a change.

Do they have a lot of waiting times?. Imagine booking a driving course, then finding you cannot begin because of an age limit.

Many Farnborough Driving Schools avoid sharing this information, unless asked. Make sure that you do so, so as not to be disappointed. Looking for Driving lessons in Farnborough, or intensive Driving Courses.

DTC Driving Instructors are some of the most highly trained instructors in the UK. Each driver instructor at DTC has been handpicked because of his caring nature and enthusiasm for his work. Look below for details of local DTC Driving Schools and instructors covering Farnborough. Simply click the “More Information” button to find out an instructors telephone number, email or web site address.

We do include the Practical Driving Test, (and Theory Test, too, where required), and the Driving Lessons are generally conducted either in Automatic, Dual Control, Manual, Tuition Cars. If you would like to learn to drive in as little as a week or two, our intensive course at Farnborough can provide 3-8 hours of intensive driving lessons, each day, for as many days as agreed. This usually leads to a drive test at the end of the week, with all the training being carried out by fully-qualified, on-site driving instructors.

If you have not passed the Theory, we are available for FREE online Theory Support via our dedicated website, which contains more than 2500 practice questions and 135 clips on Hazard Perception, which you will have unrestricted access to, or if you have booked your Driving Test. We can also offer course-only lessons for anyone who is feeling in a rush. If there is an unacceptable waiting time at the local testing center for a new test, and you have already obtained your Theory Certificate Pass Number, we may be able to offer a LAN course to give you a fast track to test. Sometimes the course and the test can be organised within two weeks, and we can arrange transport and accommodation if you would like us to.

Towns you may come across during your Intensive Driving Course in Farnborough –


Frimley is 30 miles southwest of Central London and is within the Borough of Surrey Heath in Surrey, England. 

Frimley Green

Frimley Green is located within the Borough of Surrey Heath and is based in Surrey, England. Republic. It is a large village and is approximately 30 miles southwest of Central London. It is 1 mile south of the town of Frimley.


Mytchett is 30 miles southwest of Central London and is 2 miles to the east of Farnborough. It is located in the Borough of Surrey Heat in Surrey, England. It is a village and dates from the first half of the 20th century.

Ash Vale 

Ash Vale is much closer to Hampshire towns such as Aldershot and Farnborough, but is 7 miles from Guildford. It is within the borough of Guildford in Surrey, England.


Camberley is situated to the far west of the county, which is close to the borders of Hampshire and Berkshire. It is located in the Borough of Surrey Heath in Surrey, England.

Blackwater & Hawley

Blackwater & Hawley is in the Hart district of Hampshire, England and is on the border with Surrey. The parish of this town includes Minley, Blackwater and Hawley which are both part of the Aldershot Urban Area.


Deepcut dates back from the early 20th century. Deepcut was named after the uncovering required for the building of the Basingstoke Canal during the 1790s. It is located within the Borough of Surrey Heath in Surrey, England.


Aldershot lies on the heathland in the northeast corner of the county which is 31 miles southwest of London. Aldershot is located in Hampshire and the area is administered by Rushmoor Borough Council.


Fleet is known for its large technology business areas such as the fast rail links to London and its connection to the M3 of the motorway. It is a town in the Hart District of Hampshire, England.

Driving Test Centre - Farnborough
Hawley Lane
first right
Ley Road
Greatfield Road
second left
Hurst Road
End left.
Greatfield Road
Church Hill Cresent
also, right
Sand Hill
End Left
Prospect Avenue
Traffic lights left
Farnborough Road
R/bout ahead then r/bout left.
Frimley Road
first right
Watchetts Drive
End Left
also, End left
Park Road
roundabout right
Frimley Road
second left.
Vale Road
also, second left
Victoria Avenue
first right
Alexandra Avenue
End Right
Victoria Avenue
first right
Edward Ave
End left.
Frimley Rd
also, End Left
r/bout left
also, r/bout left
r/bout left again
Farnborough Gate Exit
roundabout right.
Farnborough Gate
both roundabouts straight on
Hawley Lane
second roundabout ahead then second left
finally, back to Farnborough Driving Test Centre


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