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Earlier Practical test Chertsey DTC UK
Earlier Practical test Chertsey DTC UK
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Busy Urban Roads

There are many busy urban roads within reach of Chertsey driving test centre. However, quite residential roads are also likely to feature on the driving test. These roads look pleasingly simple but can be hazardous due to them being narrow with the added possibility of oncoming vehicles. Many learner drivers fail their driving test at Chertsey on meeting vehicles. The driving examiner will expect you to check your rear-view mirror at the first sight of an approaching vehicle. You will also be expected to keep a safe distance away from stationary vehicles at all times.

Fast Roads

Fast flowing primary “A” roads such as the A320 and the A317 are frequently used on the practical test. A good understanding and judgement of joining these fast flowing roads are required. Once you have joined these roads, you expected to keep in the left-hand lane unless overtaking. If a situation arises in which you need to overtake, it is vital that you remember to move back into the left-hand lane at the first safe opportunity.

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Address of Chertsey Practical Driving Test Centre 

Chertsey DTC,
Unit 4, The Forum,
Hanworth Lane,
KT16 9JX.


Cancellation driving tests at Chertsey

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Both stepped and ramp access is available to Chertsey driving test centre. Fire alarms and fire exits are in place at this centres.  There is only one disabled parking bay available for candidates that require it. Furthermore, 8 driving test candidate parking bays are available. Male, Female and Disabled toilets are provided. The test centre provides testing for cars as well as ADIs.


Nearby driving test centres to Chertsey:

Ashford driving test centre – Distance: 3.91 miles
Slough driving test centre – Distance: 8.35 miles
Hayes driving test centre – Distance: 8.92 miles
Guildford driving test centre – Distance: 8.98 miles
Isleworth driving test centre – Distance: 9.05 miles

Pass Rate at Chertsey Driving Test Centre

Chertsey is a very busy test centre, however, has still managed to keep its pass rates high in comparison to most other test centres in the area. Its pass rate arranges to be 52.5% over 6 months worth of data which showed the number of passes and fails.

In a single month, for example, June 2016, 764 driving tests were conducted, out of which 397 people passed. Giving the test centre a pass rate of 52% for that month.

Driving Test Cancellations Chertsey

Located on the outskirts of West London, the Chertsey practical test centre is extremely busy. It has a waiting time of approximately nine weeks for a driving test appointment. Driving examiners normally work Monday to Friday. However, to help reduce the waiting time for a driving test, examiners do occasionally work overtime on the weekends. The DVSA charge slightly extra weekend test.

DTC Driving Test Cancellations

However, DTC UK can often find you a driving test cancellation within two weeks. We can guarantee you earlier driving test date as we search the DVSA website for cancellations every 20 seconds of every day. If a learner driver cancels their practical test, for whatever reason, you slot will be available on the DVSA website. As DTC UK are checking for early driving test dates every 20 seconds, no one has a better chance than us in finding you the driving test date that you need.

Chertsey Driving Test Centre
Bell Bridge Road
At the Roundabout, Turn Right
Pyrcroft Road
At the Roundabout, Take the 3rd Exit
Guildford Street
Take the 2nd Left, At the Roundabout, Straight Ahead
Heriot Road
At the Roundabout, Right Turn
London Street
At the Roundabout, Turn Right
Bridge Street
At the Roundabout, Take the 2nd Exit
Renfree Way
At the Roundabout, 1st Exit
Green Lane
At the Traffic Lights, Turn Right
Western Drive
Take the 7th Right Turn
Russington Road
Turn Left
Western Drive
End of the Road, Turn Left. Also Left
Nell Gwynn Avenue
End of the Road, Turn Right. End of the Road, Turn Left
Green Lane
Turn Right, then take a Left Turn
Manygate Lane
Take the 2nd Left
Russell Road
End of the Road, Turn Right
Church Road
At the Roundabout, take the 1st Exit
Chertsey Road
End of the Road, Turn Left
Chertsey Bridge Road
At the Roundabout, 1st Exit
Bridge Road
At the Traffic Lights, Take a Left Turn
Abbey Road
Turn Right
London Street
Crossroad, Straight Ahead. At the Roundabout Straight Ahead
Guildford Street
Turn Left. At the Roundabout Straight Ahead
Curfew Road
At the Roundabout, Turn Right
Abbots Way
At the Roundabout, Take a Left Turn
Pyrcroft Road
At the Traffic Lights, Also Right
Bell Bridge Road
At the Roundabout, 1st Exit
The Knoll
Finally, At the Roundabout, Take the 1st Exit into
Chertsey Driving Test Centre


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