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Since 2009, We have helped over 47,000 students pass there tests.

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Intensive Driving Courses Chertsey – Busy Urban Roads

Quick Driving Tests Chertsey, LondonThere are many busy urban roads within reach of Chertsey driving test centre. However, quiet residential roads are also likely to feature on the driving test. These roads look pleasingly simple but can be hazardous due to them being narrow with the added possibility of oncoming vehicles. Many learner drivers fail their driving test at Chertsey on meeting vehicles. The driving examiner will expect you to check your rear-view mirror at the first sight of an approaching vehicle. You will also be expected to keep a safe distance away from stationary vehicles at all times.

Intensive Driving Courses Chertsey – Fast Roads

Earlier Driving Test dates Chertsey, LondonFast flowing primary “A” roads such as the A320 and the A317 are frequently used on the practical test. A good understanding and judgement of joining these fast flowing roads are required. Once you have joined these roads, you expected to keep in the left-hand lane unless overtaking. If a situation arises in which you need to overtake, it is vital that you remember to move back into the left-hand lane at the first safe opportunity.

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Address of Chertsey Practical Driving Test Centre 

Chertsey (London) DTC,
Unit 4, The Forum,
Hanworth Lane,
KT16 9JX.


Cancellation driving tests at Chertsey

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Both stepped and ramp access is available to Chertsey driving test centre. Fire alarms and fire exits are in place at this centres.  There is only one disabled parking bay available for candidates that require it. Furthermore, 8 driving test candidate parking bays are available. Male, Female and Disabled toilets are provided. The test centre provides testing for cars as well as ADIs.


Nearby driving test centres to Chertsey:Last Minute Driving Test Cancellations Chertsey

Ashford (London) driving test centre – Distance: 3.91 miles
Slough (London) driving test centre – Distance: 8.35 miles
Hayes (London) driving test centre – Distance: 8.92 miles
Guildford driving test centre – Distance: 8.98 miles
Isleworth (London) driving test centre – Distance: 9.05 miles

Pass Rate at Chertsey Driving Test Centre

Last Minute Driving Test Cancellations Chertsey, LondonChertsey (London) is a very busy test centre, however, has still managed to keep its pass rates high in comparison to most other test centres in the area. Its pass rate arranges to be 52.5% over 6 months worth of data which showed the number of passes and fails.

In a single month, for example, June 2016, 764 driving tests were conducted, out of which 397 people passed. Giving the test centre a pass rate of 52% for that month.

DTC UK could be a good way of learning how to drive if time is tight. Maybe you are working full-time and struggling to squeeze in a weekly driving lesson in your busy schedule. If you are about to take your holidays, you might want to schedule an intensive driving course to get you a test for your car at the end of the intensive. Perhaps you are returning from college or travels and you had a bit of experience with driving previously, and you want to simply refresh your skills with driving, and take the test at the end of your intensive driving course.

If you are looking to take your driving test as soon as possible and are based anywhere in the Surrey or surrounding areas, then the highest quality intensive driving courses Surrey has to offer are just what you are looking for. The leading-quality intensive driving courses Surrey has to offer are becoming more popular amongst many of our young drivers due to their ability to get them ready for the test in a far shorter period of time compared to taking their lessons at a normal rate of 1 or 2 lessons a week. If you are a first-time driver, it will give you the chance to take your driving test in a fraction of the normal time. DTC UKs intensive driving courses are designed to give our customers the ability to take in large numbers of driving lessons over a shorter period of time.

This style of driving training offers several advantages over a typical one-hour-a-week drive-school scenario. With a significantly shorter period of time between lessons, you will be saving time early in the lessons due to being in a constant state to be moving forward with learning new skills, instead of spending a good chunk of time reviewing the work that was done a lesson ago. This will enable you to progress much more quickly and may allow you to typically need less lessons before being ready for the driving test. The primary benefit to using structured intensive driving courses as the format for your driving training is that you will be compressing many months worth of normal weekly driving lessons into a much shorter timeframe.

Also, since you are on the road for an entire day, you will spend far less time picking up from where you left off, and you will have much more time to focus on your driving. By utilising the vast local knowledge that our instructors have, the leading standards in intensive driving courses Chertsey has to offer, provide the ideal preparation for the routes that you will take to the driving test. There are a number of advantages to taking a driving intensive course compared with the typical one-hour session a week.

As you are fully focused on learning how to drive, we are able to get you ready to take the Driving Test really fast. To do the intensive course, you will want to do your theory and passing your driving test first, so that any delays are avoided. Also, if you do not have an appointment to do the driving test, you may get an early cancelation, which will enable you to take the test much faster.

These types of courses are sometimes called One week intensive driving courses Chertsey, One week intensive driving lessons Chertsey, One week crash course Driving lessons Chertsey, One week driving courses Chertsey, or fast track courses Chertsey With a dedicated, fully qualified, approved team of Driving Instructors, experienced in providing one and two week driving intensive courses, One Week driving courses, One week Driving courses has a specialist team who are trained to get students through the Practical Tests, as quickly as possible, while maintaining high-quality services. Learning how to drive is a life long skill that you should both enjoy and be proud of.

One week driving courses offer a variety of different driving courses, ranging from one day test review courses for those that recently failed their tests, to and including two week driving courses, designed for those that require that extra time to absorb information. This is a small list of some of our driving courses:- 6 hour & 12 hour re test courses in Chertsey, 18 hour crash course in Chertsey, 24 hour intensive driving course in Chertsey, 30 hour driving course in Chertsey, 36 hour one week pass course in Chertsey, 42 hour intensive course in Chertsey, 48 hour pass your test course in Chertsey and our popular guaranteed pass driving course in Chertsey. One Week Driving Courses have a wide range of customers, from people who need to learn urgently for their job, students who want to take their driving test during their holidays, to people who live abroad temporarily who want to return to take their test in the UK to obtain one of the most recognised driving licenses in the world.

One Week Driving Course instructors have experience of teaching brand new drivers from the ground up, as well as someone who may have failed their test years ago and has no desire to continue. Many instructors have been involved with Instructor Development, and have advanced driving experience.

You may come across some towns during your Intensive Driving Course in Chertsey –


Abinger Hammer

Abinger Hammer got its name from its 16th century iron forging industry and its stream powered hammer. This town is situated 8 miles south of Woking. Abinger Hammer’s industry has survived a very long time and is maintained in a clock; the clock dates back from 1909 which overhangs the main road. The clock itself has a blacksmith figure striking a bell with his hammer, which is used to strike the hours on a daily basis.



The National Rifle Association was shifted from Wimbledon to the wild common, which was situated near Woking. This is when Bisley became popular. An interesting fact about Bisley is that in the olden days, the village was centred more on the ancient church of St John the Baptist; this was a few hundred yards from where a holy well was. Traditionally, this was the place where children were baptised. It was also said that the water in the well during Spring was said to be colder in the summer and a lot warmer in the winter.



Brookwood used to be known for one of its famous hospitals which was called Brookwood Hospital; this hospital was established 1867 and was an asylum for pauper lunatics. Over recent years, it has been closed due to some changes in the Government Policy and the land was then sold off for housing and a large superstore. 

There is also a very well known cemetery which was known all over the world, this was before the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales and her friends, Dodi Fayed in Paris in 1997. In 1854, the cemetery was opened by the Act of Parliament; this was after the Necropolis Company of London had bought 2000 acres of land which was laid out as one-fifth as a burial ground. 



Cobham is remembered by the older members of the community as a small village; some could argue that this is no longer a village due to the increase in housing. Cobham is 7 miles east of Woking. One of the well known hotels which is known as the Fairmile Hotel, are memories for some motorists, it is situated near the A3, by the Lion public house. 

Two miles south-west of Cobham is the Hatchford mausoleum on Wisley Common, a domed temple erected by Sir Bernhard Samuelson in 1906. The copper top was stolen from the tomb in 1961.



Downside is very close to the M25 and the railway; this is why it is one of the most popular towns to the east of Woking and Guildford. This town is situated inside the orbital motorway and is linked to the ‘world beyond’ by the road to Effingham Junction Station. 



This village is 8 miles southeast of Woking. Lord Charles Howard (the second earl) was the commander-in-chief and was most famous because he brought victory and the title of Early of Nottingham in 1588. 

Effingham is a very suitable place to live nowadays due to the handy shops, attractive houses, golf courses, quick access to the beautiful countryside and is close to a railway station which leads to London.


East Horsley 

East Horsley is known for its two distinct parts to the village; one is close to the Towers, with its parade of shops, and a far busier centre near the station. There is constant traffic in this village, however, away from the busy roads, there are quieter areas. East Horsley was rebuilt under the direction of the Earl and Lovelace and the present Towers date from the mid 1800s.



The Fairlands has a lot of history and is known for its strong sense of community at this housing development within the parish of Worplesdon. Fairlands is situated 4 miles southwest of Woking, which is off Aldershot Road between Guildford and Normandy but not too far from the Merrist Wood College; this is where agricultural students from around the world have studied over the years. 

During the Second World War, there was a Halifax bomber returning from a mission and was hit by a fire and crashed into a field at Merrist Wood. Through diligent and thorough research, a local aviation historian has written an absorbing book about F – Freddie and the men who were on that ill-fated flight.



Fetcham is 8 miles east from Woking and Guildford and it can hardly be classed as a village due to more suburbs of Leatherhead. In the olden days, Fetcham was divorced from its neighbour and as rural as the next village.  The river Mole has played a large part in the life of the community and its presence still forms a boundary between Fetcham and Leatherhead.


Great & Little Bookham 

Little Bookham is situated to the West of Great Bookham; Great Bookham is situated 8 miles east from Guildford and Woking. There was a butcher in Great Bookham whose name was Thomas Briggs; he was hanged in 1954 after being found guilty of breaking into a property at Newdigate and stealing two oxen valued at £8.


Are you starting your Intensive Driving course soon?

In order to take one of our Intensive Driving Courses, you will need to hold a valid UK provisional driving license and have passed your theory test. If you do not have a practical test booked, don’t worry. Simply provide us with your driving license number along with your theory pass certificate number and we will get you a fast-track driving test – If you can need help to book your theory test, this can be arranged for you.

However, please remember that our semi-intensive driving course is designed for learners who have recently failed a practical driving test, international drivers, and those who are almost up to test standard. They are not suitable for the new beginner.

Chertsey Driving Test Centre
Bell Bridge Road
At the Roundabout, Turn Right
Pyrcroft Road
At the Roundabout, Take the 3rd Exit
Guildford Street
Take the 2nd Left, At the Roundabout, Straight Ahead
Heriot Road
At the Roundabout, Right Turn
London Street
At the Roundabout, Turn Right
Bridge Street
At the Roundabout, Take the 2nd Exit
Renfree Way
At the Roundabout, 1st Exit
Green Lane
At the Traffic Lights, Turn Right
Western Drive
Take the 7th Right Turn
Russington Road
Turn Left
Western Drive
End of the Road, Turn Left. Also Left
Nell Gwynn Avenue
End of the Road, Turn Right. End of the Road, Turn Left
Green Lane
Turn Right, then take a Left Turn
Manygate Lane
Take the 2nd Left
Russell Road
End of the Road, Turn Right
Church Road
At the Roundabout, take the 1st Exit
Chertsey Road
End of the Road, Turn Left
Chertsey Bridge Road
At the Roundabout, 1st Exit
Bridge Road
At the Traffic Lights, Take a Left Turn
Abbey Road
Turn Right
London Street
Crossroad, Straight Ahead. At the Roundabout Straight Ahead
Guildford Street
Turn Left. At the Roundabout Straight Ahead
Curfew Road
At the Roundabout, Turn Right
Abbots Way
At the Roundabout, Take a Left Turn
Pyrcroft Road
At the Traffic Lights, Also Right
Bell Bridge Road
At the Roundabout, 1st Exit
The Knoll
Finally, At the Roundabout, Take the 1st Exit into
Chertsey Driving Test Centre


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