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Earlier Driving Test Derby – Busy Part of Town

Situated in the busy part of town, you will find Derby driving test centre. Due to its location, the driving examiner will require you to demonstrate a good knowledge and skills at various road systems including roundabouts of all shapes and sizes. These roundabouts will range from small mini-roundabouts to large multilane roundabouts controlled by traffic lights. You should also expect to deal with open and close to junctions, some which may be poorly marked. Therefore, in order to pass your driving test, it is imperative that you watch all road signs and road markings.

Short Notice Driving Test Derby – Rural Country Roads

Rural country roads and ‘A’ roads such as the A5111 and dual carriageway is such as the A6 may also be used during the driving test.

The driving test from Derby will last approximately 40 minutes. During this time the examiner will ask you to do 20 minutes of independent driving and one out of a possible four reversing manoeuvres. The emergency stop may or may not be asked. This is at the discretion of the driving examiner.

Also, during the driving test, the examiner will ask you, several times, to pull up on the left and move of again. They do this for various reasons such as to make sure that you look over your blind spot when moving off.

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Address for Derby Practical Driving Test Centre 

Derby DTC,
Off Belmore Way,
DE21 7AY.

View on Google Maps.

On entering the test site, please turn right at the roundabout where you’ll find designated parking bays. Please do not practice on the site as parking space as limited. Ramp access to Derby driving test centre for wheelchair users. Male and female toilets are available.

Test Centre Provides Tests For Car, Taxi and ADIs


Nearby driving test centres to Derby:

Chilwell driving test centre – Distance: 8.03 miles
Watnall driving test centre – Distance: 10.44 miles
Burton on Trent driving test centre – Distance: 12.05 miles
Loughborough driving test centre – Distance: 12.77 miles
Colwick driving test centre – Distance: 15.56 miles

Pass Rate at Derby Driving Test Centre

Derby is an extremely busy driving test centre, with over 700 driving tests being conducted each month by candidates. Out of which, around 330 people usually pass, giving the centre a pass rate of around 46%. Further data collected from a 6 month period showed that 4174 driving tests were undertaken from April to September 2016. From this number 1945 people successfully completed the test and passed.

This number may seem small, however its equal to the average in the UK for pass rates. If you perform well and make relatively few mistakes, you can easily pass the test.

Driving Test Cancellations Derby

Derby is a growing city with a great demand for driving tests. The average learner driver has to wait in excess of two months for a driving test appointment at the Derby Alvaston practical driving test centre. Driving instructors in the area will usually try and encourage their pupils to book their driving test about six weeks before they are actually going to be ready. It is usually better to take a few extra lessons then to risk failing your driving test. If a learner driver does fail their driving test, by law in wait 10 clear working days before attempting another one.


The 10-day rule is generally not a problem. The problem is that learner drivers find it very difficult to get earlier driving test dates. Driving test cancellations at GOV.UK will only appear for one of two reasons. First reason, differ learner driver currently has a test booked decides to cancel it. That person driving test appointment will then be available as a driving test cancellation. The second reason a driving test cancellation may appear at the Derby Alvaston practical test centre, an examiner typed to work overtime. The DVSA does occasionally request examiners to work on Saturdays in order to help reduce the waiting times. You have to extremely lucky to be logged on to GOV.UK at the precise moment when either a learner driver cancels the test or whether examiner chooses to work overtime.

DTC Driving Test Cancellations

DTC UK are continuously logged on to GOV.UK will make over 3000 searches for a driving test cancellations at Derby Alvaston practical test centre. We can usually find you an earlier driving test date at the Alvaston test centre within two weeks. Furthermore, we will not request any money from you until you are totally happy with the time and date of the driving test which we will book for you. To access our services, all we need your driving licence number and your application reference number. But not asking for any credit card details or bank details. Furthermore, we do not even need your address or your full name. Why not call DTC driving test cancellations now to discuss your requirements for an earlier driving test at Derby Alvaston.

DTC - Derby
Sinfin lane
third traffic lights, left
Waewick Avenue
take left
Valley Avenue
also, Take left.
Littlkeover Cresent
End right
Valley Road
End Left.
Warwick Avenue
Traffic light straight on
Manor Road
Traffic lights, left
Uttoxter New Road
R/bout ahead, lights ahead, r/bout left
Kipling Drive
End Left.
Brierfield Way
The Hollow
Staker Lane
Two R/bouts straight on
Rykneld Rd
R/bout straight ahead
Pastures Hill
Also, R/bout straight on.
Burton Rd
traffic lights right
Warwick Avenue
R/bout straight on
Kenliworth Ave
traffic light right
Sinfin Lane
Two traffic lights ahead then finally,
right into Derby Driving Test Centre


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