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Earlier Driving Test Chilwell – Small Narrow Roads

Chilwell driving test centre is located in a highly residential area of Nottingham. These residential roads seem very easy. The fact they can be extremely challenging due to parked cars on both sides of the road. To make matters even worse, many of the roads in Chilwell are quite narrow. You must be prepared to give way to oncoming vehicles. So you see a vehicle coming towards you, the very important thing you need to do is check the rearview mirror and then ease off the accelerator. This will give you time to think. However, please in mind, that the driving test is there to see how safe you are. Therefore, if you come across any situation in the driving test that you are not sure of always take the safer option.

Short Notice Driving Test Chilwell – Dual Carriageways

If the driving test is out of the rush hours, there is a possibility that the driving examiner may head away from the driving test centre towards the A52 dual carriageway. Many learner drivers worry unnecessarily about the carriageways due to the high speeds. However, dual carriageways are one of the safest road systems in the UK.

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Address of Chilwell Practical Driving Test Centre

Chilwell DTC,
Unit 24, Eldon Business Park
Eldon Road

View on Google Maps.

There are no parking facilities at this centre. However, parking is permitted on Eldon Road which is just outside the driving test centre. Chilwell Driving Test Centre Provides Tests For Cars and ADI.


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Derby driving test centre – Distance: 8.06 miles
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Pass Rate at Chilwell Practical Test Centre

Chilwell Driving test centre does not have any published pass rates, when they become available this page will be updated accordingly.

Driving Test Cancellations Chilwell, Nottingham

Like all the other practical test centres in and around the Nottingham area, Chilwell has a high waiting time for a driving test appointment. The DVSA tries hard to keep the waiting lists down to about eight weeks but most of the time Chilwell driving test centre has a wait much longer than this. The DVSA occasionally request the examiner’s work overtime at weekends in order to help reduce waiting times. If you do decide to book a driving test at the weekend, you will be charged Premier Price by the DVSA. Paying little be extra for a week test is usually worth it as you will not have to take time off work or college. However, you can easily arrange a time of during the week, it may be worth just sticking to a weekday test.

DTC Driving Test Cancellations

Driving test cancellations do occasionally show up at the chiller practical test centre but unfortunately, they are few and far. An earlier driving test does show on the government website, usually snapped up within minutes. If you happen to be lucky enough to be logged in to the DVSA website at exactly the same time as somebody else decides to cancel the test, you may be able to book yourself an earlier driving test date. However, when making a driving test cancellation please consider carefully whether you’re fully prepared to take it. Furthermore, you will need to consider that your instructor or whoever’s car you will use for the test is available to take you. The driving examiners or the DVSA will not supply you with a vehicle for the driving test.

DTC UK can guarantee you an earlier driving test date within two weeks. We will search you will test centre over 3000 times per day. If you are prepared to be flexible and at other driving test centres such as Nottingham, Beeston or Nottingham Clifton we will search those test centres as well. That would mean that will make over 9000 searches per day, each and every single day. If you have access to your own vehicle and not relying on the use of your instructor’s vehicle, DTC driving test cancellations can usually find it a last-minute driving test for you within one or two days.


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DTCUK is a trading mark of Driving Test UK Limited. We are a privately owned family company with Head Offices in Croydon, London. Founded by Shakti Gadday, helping learner drivers get on the road since 1987, registered with the DVSA under ADI number 120120. We’ve been booking driving tests for over 8 years and have helped over 35,000 learners pass their test quicker.

We can either automatic book you an earlier driving test or consult your instructor first, if needed. This will save you £100s in driving lessons.

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