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Town Roads

Burton on Trent driving test centre is situated around busy town roads. These residential roads seem easy. However, it can be quite challenging due to the fact that many of the residential roads in Burton are quite narrow, some with parked cars on both sides. As soon as you see an oncoming vehicle, check your review mirror, these of the accelerator. This will give you time to think. If in doubt, slow down and be prepared to stop.

‘A’ Roads

High-speed a roads such as the A5121 and the A38 often feature in the driving test. When joining these roads, it is important that you build up speed to match the speed of the traffic on the main road. On the ‘A’ roads, maintain your position the left-hand lane unless you’re overtaking. If you need to overtake remember to move back in at the first is a safe opportunity.

Independent Drive

The driving test from Burton will last approximately 40 minutes. Half the driving test will be in the independent driving section. This is where the driving examiner will expect you to follow directions from a satnav. Many learner drivers dread independent driving section of the test. However, if you miss a turning or end up going the in the wrong direction, you will not fail the test. It is provided that you continue to drive safely.

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Address of Burton On Trent Practical Driving Test Centre

DTC – BurtonWellington Park,
Burton on Trent,
DE14 2TG.

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There are a few steps to Burton on Trent Driving Test centre. However, there is ramp access for wheelchair users.Both male, female and disabled toilets available. There are parking spaces available at the test centre. However, spaces are limited. Therefore, it is advisable not to arrive too early for your appointment. This Centre conducts testing for cars only.


Nearby driving test centres to Burton.

Lichfield driving test centre – Distance: 10.82 miles
Derby driving test centre – Distance: 11.96 miles
Cannock driving test centre – Distance: 16.83 miles
Birmingham (Sutton Coldfield) – Distance: 18.85 miles
Nottingham driving test centre – Distance: 19.04 miles



Pass Rate at Burton on Trent Driving Test Centre

Burton on Trent has a pass rate that is in line which a majority of the test centre in the UK, it’s pass rate is calculated to be 45.6%. This is 6 months worth of data. However from one month, April 2016, 368 driving tests were conducted here, out of which 163 of them passed. From this, the pass rate is 44.3%.

Although the pass rate is low, this does not mean the examiners are strict or that they will fail you for no reason. They can only fail you if you make a serious mistake or over 15 minor mistakes.

Driving Test Cancellations Burton on Trent

Burton on Trent driving test centre has a high demand for driving tests which are reflected by the high waiting time for appointments. The learner driver should take this into consideration when booking for the test. Earlier driving dates do occasionally appear on the DVSA website. However, when do appear, they are snapped up very quickly, usually within minutes.

If you are considering searching the driving test cancellations at Burton on Trent, firstly, you would need to have a test booked. Once you are a current booking on the government website, you will search for earlier dates using your booking application reference number and your driving licence number. Unfortunately, searching for these tests is time-consuming as well as boring and tedious.

DTC Driving Test cancellations

DTC driving test cancellations can usually find you earlier driving test date at the Burton on Trent practical test centre within two weeks. All we require is your driving licence number and your booking application reference number, we do not need your name and address, or do we need your credit card details. Payment for our service is only due once you have accepted the date that we have booked for you. Why not call DTC UK and discuss your requirements for an earlier driving test at Burton. You have nothing to lose except your current driving test date.

Driving test Centre - Burton
Victoria Cresent
turn Right
Dallow Street
Traffic Lights Right
Swannington Street
Turn right
Harbury Street
Take a left.
Norton Road
first right
Charnwood Road
End Left
Tutbury Road
also, End Left
Burton Road
Roundabout left
High Street
Mini R/bout right.
Station Road
Traffic Lights right
Hilton road
T/L right
Hilton Village
take a left
Straight at roundabout
Willington Road
Roundabout ahead
Walton Village
End Left
Drakelow Road
first left
Rosliston Road
also, First Left
Stapenhill Road
Roundabout straight on.
Horninglow Street
First left and finally, right
Burton On Trent Driving Test Centre


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