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Becoming an Uber Driver

Driving with Uber may seem like the perfect choice for many people. The many benefits such as working your own hours. There’s no boss or office. You have complete flexibility to set your schedule around your own life. No prior knowledge of the roads is needed as the app itself will give you step by step navigation directions. 

Becoming an Uber Driver – Prerequisites

These benefits above may seem brilliant, however, Uber does have a few prerequisites too. To be eligible, you be at least 21 years old, have a valid UK licence and a number of years of driving experience. The exact number depends on the city where you wish to operate. The average is at least three years of experience. You will have to sit a driving test at your local test centre. DTC will be able to provide an instructor and car for your test.

Becoming an Uber Driver – Private Hire Licence

Another requirement is that you are required to obtain a private hire license with a council.  These are relatively easy to get from the government. Although Uber will help you get one with their personalised Ignition information appointment. Where they offer advice and support after you’ve signed up.

Becoming an Uber Driver – Car Requirements

They also have specific car requirements. The vehicle you drive with Uber must be under 10 years old.  Although you should also check with the local Uber city team for any other vehicle requirements. Even if you do not have a car currently, Uber can provide you with rental and finance options may be available via their Vehicle Solutions program.

Becoming an Uber Driver – Benefits

The biggest and most obvious advantage is the flexible schedule. You can work as little or as much as you like and during any hours. You drive when you have the time available. Furthermore, according to Uber, drivers make around £13 an hour. Although other costs such as petrol and car maintenance should also be taken into consideration. As with any job of this type, as drivers learn the platform, they discover tricks and tips which help to maximize their efficiency and so increasing their hourly wage.

Becoming an Uber Driver – Incentives

Uber also offer incentives to join such as exclusive rewards and benefits. One of these is Partner Protection insurance which protects eligible drivers from life-changing events with insurance. For example, injury, sickness or having a baby don’t come with the additional financial stress. Another benefit is access to FutureLearn, who offer hundreds of courses from top universities around the world. If you’ve completed more than 500 trips, Uber will pay for your certificate of achievement at the end of the course. Allowing you to reach your education goals. You also get access to “Moneyfarm,” which gives you discounted access to financial products like ISAs and pensions.

Becoming an Uber Driver – Drawbacks

Recently, courts rules that Uber drivers are independent contractors rather than employees. Therefore, drivers are not eligible for overtime pay or benefits. Another reason is that many insurance companies will refuse to cover your vehicle whilst you’re functioning as a driver. However, Uber does provide commercial insurance that covers the vehicle from the time the trip starts to when it ends.

Becoming an Uber Driver – Personal Safety

Another disadvantage of Uber is ultimately your safety. Most people would think twice before picking up a hitchhiker. However, as a driver, you’re letting strangers constantly into your car. Uber does its best to vet riders by having a feedback system where both driver and rider can rate each other but there is no real way to migrate the risk to your safety. However, the majority of riders are completely harmless and it should not massively sway your final decision.

Becoming an Uber Driver – Self Driving Cars

The final disadvantage of driving for a company like Uber is that they are ultimately very technology-based and will use this to their advantage. They are currently testing self-driving cars, which if successful, could render human drivers obsolete. Admittedly this is quite a long-term issue. However, it is something to consider if you wanted to drive full time with them.

Becoming an Uber Driver – Conclusion

In conclusion, driving for Uber is a brilliant idea if you want to work part-time or if you have a busy schedule and you want a job that’ll work around that. It’s simple to set up and join and if eligible, you can be driving within two weeks. However, the additional petrol and wear and tear costs should also be kept in mind as well. Nevertheless, it’s a great option that provides a lot of flexibility and a good wage.

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