Complete Automatic Driving Package

Instructions on driving an automatic car, with all driving test subjects covered. Learn to drive faster and retain more information by the Psychology of Driving & over 100 driving test tips
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What's included in this course

  • Automatic Car Driving Course
  • Driving Test Tips & Tricks
  • Psychology of Learning to Drive

This package consists of the Psychology of Learning to Drive, Automatic Car Driving Course, and Driving Test Tips & Tricks. The complete driving package is suitable for learner drivers of all abilities intending to get a UK driver’s licence for an automatic car. We believe that any learner driver that studies the Psychology of Learning to Drive, alongside the Manual Driving Course, and follows the advice given in the “Driving Test Tricks,” will pass their practical test the first time. The package, therefore, comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

If, after completing the DTC Complete Driving Package, you fail your first automatic car driving test, we will be offered a full refund. (see terms & conditions).

Course Content

DTC Automaic Car Driving Course

DTC Automaic Car Driving Course

This course covers the complete syllabus set by the DVSA. Therefore, it’s suitable for all learners wishing to pass their manual driving test.
Automatic Driving Test Tips & Tricks

Driving Test Tips & Tricks

Over 100 tips & tricks included. Idealy for international drivers and learners who can drive to a reasonable standard but just need to pass!
DTC Psychology of Learning to Drive Course

Psychology of Learning to Drive

Improve your memory, absorb more information, and save £100s on driving lessons. Included advice for dyslexia & nervous drivers

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