Automatic Driving Course

Pass your driving test first time with the complete DVSA syllabus at your fingertips.
DTC automatic Driving Course

What's included in this course

  • Animations & real life footage
  • Quiz after each subject
  • 33 Individual lessons

This Automatic Driving Course covers the complete syllabus set by the DVSA, the department responsible for conducting driving tests in the UK. Therefore, it’s suitable for all learners wishing to pass their driving test in an automatic car.

This course is not a replacement for driving lessons but is designed to work alongside the lessons that you take from your instructor. If you currently have an instructor, think how much of your time and money is currently wasted by the instructor trying to explain a particular topic.  If you are thinking about learning to drive, I’m sure you’ve seen instructors sitting by the road, for what may seem like forever.

Simply going through the DTC Automatic Driving Topics before each of your driving lessons will ensure that you have the knowledge needed to start putting it into practice. Your instructor will be pleasantly surprised by your knowledge.

Course Content

First driving lesson

Controls Lesson

This lesson explains the basic controls of an automatic car and the safety checks that must be carried even out even before starting the engine
Moving off & Stopping an automatic car

Moving off & Stopping

The section explains how to move an automatic car from a stationary position, drive along the road in a straight line and stop on the left
Approaching junctions in automatic car

Approaching Junctions

Learn the routine for approaching a junction to turn left & right as well as dealing with T-junctions
Crossroads automatic driving lesson


This subject deals with various crossroads including controlled & uncontrolled. Off side & near side turning are explained
Roundabouts automatic driving lesson


Lane selection and observations at dealt with at various roundabouts including Mini roundabouts, Double roundabouts & Spiral roundabouts
Reverse maneuvers in automatic car

Reverse Maneuvers

Step by step guide to safely carry out all required maneuvers including the parallel park, front and reverse bay park & stopping on the right
Dual carriageways driving course

Dual Carriageways

How to join a dual carriageway from slip roads & side roads, driving along, change lanes and overtaking; all explained
Pedestrian crossings online driving

Pedestrian Crossings

Identify, approach and deal with various types of pedestrian crossings including Pelican, Puffin, Toucan, Pegasus & informal crossings
Emergency stop in automatic car

Emergency Stop

Full instructions on carrying out the emergency stop exercise and and how it it conducted in the DVSA driving test
Planning & Anticipation for driving test

Planning & Anticipation

How we can anticipate and plan for the actions of other drivers, cyclist, pedestrians and animals
DTC UK Independent Driving Section

Independent Driving Section

Discover how to improve your ability to read and follow direction signs & follow direction given by a satnav
Country lanes automatic driving lesson

Country Lanes

What is the speed limit & what speed should we drive at with the possibility of bends, potholes, surface water, pedestrians & farm machinery
vehicle Safety Questions (Show me, Tell me)

Vehicle Safety Questions (Show me, Tell me)

Start your practical driving test with confidence knowing that you have studied all the "Show me, ell me" questions and answers

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Course FAQ

If you have a driving test booked or intend to take one in the future, the automatic Driving Course is definitely for you. It covers the full DVSA syllabus required in order to pass the test.

If you are learning to drive a manual car, then you are advised to purchase the manual version of this course

As soon as you have paid, you will be sent an email with a randomly generated password. You will be able to log in immediately.

As you will gain valuable knowledge as soon as you access the course, unfortunately, refunds are not available. However, if you purchase the bundle package containing this course, driving test tips, and the Psychology of Learning to Drive, we will offer a full refund if you complete the entire course and do not pass the test on the first attempt (conditions apply)

You will have access to the course for the next 12 months from your date of purchase.

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