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Massive Fines for Parking in Disabled Bays

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Massive Fines for Parking in Disabled Bays

Most drivers in the UK will respect the rules and will not Park in a disabled bay. Unfortunately, there are some drivers that will simply disregard disabled parking signs and park illegally. Disabled bays are meant to be used by motorists with a blue badge. The blue badge scheme is for disabled drivers whose condition affects their ability to walk.

42,000 Parking Tickets Issued

In 2017/18 councils throughout the UK issued 42,000 parking tickets to motorists parked in disabled bays without a blue badge. This data does not include penalties were issued for parking in disabled bays in private car parks or in supermarkets. There is a suggestion, that the extension to the blue badge scheme to allow people with hidden disabilities such as autism, will port further pressure on the availability of disabled bays.

Penalties for Parking in a Disabled Bay

Parking in a disabled bay is an offence which results in a fixed penalty notice. Fixed penalty notices are set at two different levels, the first level is for minor offences and the second level for serious offences. Parking in a disabled bay counts as a serious offence. However, these rules do not apply to disabled bays in private or to supermarket car parks. In private car parks, disabled parking spaces cannot legally be enforced but rely on consideration of other motorists.

DTC UK – Lessons from Abroad

Maybe we could learn a lesson from the French. Many of France’s disabled bays are accompanied by a notice which reads. ”Vous prenez mon espace: prenez mon handicap.” Translated into English reads, “If you take my space, take my disability too.”

DTC UK wishes all drivers safe and happy motoring. Please show consideration for all other road users. Why not improve your driving skills by simply visiting the YouTube DTC driving test services.

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