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Emergency Car Hire

For your Driving Test Southall

  • Dual Controlled, Insured, Automatic or Manual Cars
  • With Fully Qualified DVSA Driving Instructor

Since 1987 We have provided over 4500 Emergency Car Hires

Automatic and Manual Car Hire for Driving Test Southall
Dual Controlled Car Hire for Practical Test Southall
Last Minute Emergency Driving Instructor Southall

Southall Driving Test Centre Information

Candidates should park in the church car park which is nearby Bycroft Road. They should then walk up to the Southall Driving Test Centre.  Both male and female toilets are provided. There is a stepped entrance available, alternatively, ramp access for wheelchair users is available.

Practical Driving Test Centre Address

Emergency Driving Test Car Hire Southall available
Emergency Driving Test Car Hire Southall available


DTC Southall.
295 Allenby Road,
Greater London,
UB1 2HD.



Southall Driving Test Centre on Google Maps

Southall Town Local Area Information

Driving Test Centres closest to Southall:Hire Car for driving test Southall

Yeading (London) Practical Test Centre – Distance: 1.1 miles
Greenford (London) Practical Test Centre – Distance: 2.26 miles
Greenford Whitton Ave East (London) Practical Test Centre – Distance: 2.36 miles
Hayes (London) Practical Test Centre – Distance: 3.55 miles
Isleworth (London) Practical Test Centre- Distance: 4.25 miles


DTC Driving Test Services

  • Extended Driving Tests.
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Last Minute Driving Instructor Southall – Preparation

Dual Control Car Hire SouthallSouthall Driving Test Centre is extremely busy and operates a waiting list. Therefore, firstly, you should congratulate yourself for finding a driving test cancellation.  Sorting out a car hire for the driving test in Southall is not a problem for DTC Driving Test Car Hire. However, you need to do the most important thing which is to enable yourself to pass.

Hire Car for Driving Test Southall – Sleep

Emergency Driving Instructor SouthallIt has been scientifically proven that humans who are well rested respond better in driving tests. As persons, optimum sleep is 8 hours. Therefore, if you to sleep at 11 pm, you must that your alarm for 7 am in the morning, otherwise, the body will go into another sleep cycle. Waking up midway in a sleep cycle will make you make tied and less able to focus.

Fast Track Driving Test Southall – Eat

Automatic Car Rental for Driving Test SouthallWhat you eat will make your body react in different ways. The driving test is early in the morning, you will require night sleep. Therefore, carbohydrate-rich foods such as Pizza will help. Foods that are rich in carbohydrates will make you feel sleepy. Now, if your driving test is in the afternoon, consider something with protein in it such as meat or eggs. Protein will keep you alert. At the least, have a banana. Also, consider taking a small bottle of water to the test.

Emergency Driving Lessons Southall

If you are not feeling 100% confident, DTC can arrange one-day intensive driving lessons in the Southall area.

DTC Fast Track Driving Test Southall

Dual Control Car Hire SouthallLike most London driving test centres, Southall is a busy test centre. The average waiting time for a driving test at Southall is approximately two months. Occasionally, the driving examiners at Southall do work overtime in order to help reduce the waiting time.

However, with a DTC Fast Track Driving Test Southall, there is no waiting time. We guarantee you an earlier driving test date within or it’s FREE!! Call DTC now to arrange your Fast Track Driving Test Southall.


DTC Driving Test Services

  • Extended Driving Tests Southall.
  • ADI Driving Ashford, Middlesex.
  • Practical driving tests Southall.
  • Short notice driving test cancellations.
  • Earlier Driving Test Dates Southall.
  • Short notice car hire Southall, London.
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  • Car hire for learner test Southall.
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  • Learner car hire for test Southall.
Begin at the driving test centre
Right turn
Bycroft Road
End of current road, left
Allenby Road
Right turn
Verulam Road
Left turn at the end of the road
Ruislip Road
R/bout ahead, second exit
Parkway Roundabout
Right / 3rd exit
Willow Tree Lane
3rd right turn
Douglas Crescent
End of road, right
Hobart Road
Left turn
Douglas Crescent
Left at the end
Willow Tree Lane
R/bout ahead, 2nd exit / left
Glencoe Road
Roundabout left
Broadmead Road
End of current road, right
Ruislip Road
R/bout ahead, second exit
Mornington Road
Roundabout take the 3rd exit
Allenby Road
Second left
Bycroft Road
Left turn into
Southall Driving Test Centre


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DTCUK is a trading mark of Driving Test UK Limited. We are a privately owned family company with Head Offices in Croydon, London. Founded by Shakti Gadday, helping learner drivers get on the road since 1987, registered with the DVSA under ADI number 120120. We’ve been booking driving tests for over 8 years and have helped over 35,000 learners pass their test quicker.

We can either automatic book you an earlier driving test or consult your instructor first, if needed. This will save you £100s in driving lessons.

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