Terms & Conditions for Car Hire Service

Terms & Conditions for Car Hire Service  


Dtcuk.co is a trading name of Driving Test UK Limited which provides its services to you subject to the following terms & conditions, which you accept by using the service.

  1. “The agent” is Driving Test UK Limited whose registered office is AMP House, Dingwall Rd, Croydon, London. CR0 2LX.
  2. “The instructor” is an individual who is licenced or registered by the DVSA and all instructors are self-employed.  Therefore Driving Test UK acts as their agent, taking bookings and transferring payments across to them. The contract for the “Car Hire Service” is between pupils and their instructors.
  3. The “Pupil” is the person taking out the “Car Hire Service”
  4. The “Car Hire Service” is a service provided by the instructor which includes the assessing the Pupils driving, providing coaching and hiring their vehicle of the purpose of the driving test.
  5. Test Ready – When taking out our Car Hire Service, the pupil is stating that they have completed the syllabus and are at the required standard as set by the DVSA.  If in the option the instructor, the pupil is a danger to themselves, the car or other road users, he/she will not permit the use of their on the driving test. In such cases, the pupil will still be liable to pay the instructor any monies due.
  6. Pupil Responsibility – It is the responsibility of the pupil to ensure that they have provided the agent to the correct details as to the place and time of the driving test. The pupil must forward a copy of the DVSA email confirmation of any test appointment to the agent at [email protected]  (Pupils should check their Spam box for receipt of such emails.)  The Agent will not accept any responsibility for any consequences arising from a Pupil’s failure to notify the agent of any chances. The charge of £10 is made to make amendments made after the booking has been completed.
  7. It is the responsibility of the Pupil to make sure that the documents are in order to enable them to take the driving test. This especially refers to the theory pass certificate and the provisional driving licence.
  8. The agent agrees to arrange either an automatic or a manual car. The agent is not committed to arranging any particular make, model or fuel type vehicle.
  9. Unless otherwise agreed beforehand, the pupil will be met and dropped off by the instructor at the DVSA driving test centre where the test is to be conducted. It is the pupils’ responsibility to make sure that they arrive on time at the agreed place. If the pupil arrives late or does not attend, they are still responsible for the balance due to the instructor.
  10. Test Cancelled by DVSA –  If your driving test has been cancelled by the DVSA, for example, due to examiner illness at less than 48 hours notice, you will still be required to pay our fees. These will be recoverable from the DVSA.
  11. Driving Test UK Limited and our driving instructors are not liable to you (the pupil) for any loss or damage caused relating to any business interests such as lost profits, lost earnings, loss of opportunity/business or business interruption, including in no event liable for negligence or breach of statutory duty.  The agent cannot be held responsible for the DVSA changing the date and/or time of your test, or for them cancelling the test due to driving examiner illness, or due to weather conditions, such as snow, ice or fog.


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