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Automatic and Manual Car Hire for Driving Test Enfield
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Enfield Driving Test Centre Information

There are two driving test centres in Enfield which are relatively close to each other. Therefore, it is vital that you check your email confirmation letter to ensure that you arrive at the correct centre. Below are the address of both centres.

Last minute manual and automatic driving test car hire Enfield available
Last minute manual and automatic driving test car hire Enfield available

Enfield DTC,
Solar Way,
Innova Park Business Centre,
Greater London.
EN3 7XY.

Both male and female toilets are available at the test centre. Parking spaces for test candidates available but are limited. Test for both cars and motorcycles.

Enfield DTC, Innova Park Business Centre on Google maps



Enfield DTC,
33 Brancroft Way,
Greater London.

This test centre is mainly for large goods vehicles. However, limited car tests now available from this test centre. There is no wheelchair access to Enfield LGV. However, an arrangement will be made for wheelchair users. Both male and female toilets available.

Enfield Brancroft Driving Test Centre on Google Maps

Driving Test Centres closest to Enfield Brimsdown:

Chingford Practical Centre (London) – Distance: 2.45 miles
Loughton Practical Centre (London) – Distance: 3.77 miles
Tottenham Practical Centre (London) – Distance: 4.21 miles
Wood Green Practical Centre (London) – Distance: 5.41 miles
Wanstead Practical Centre (London) – Distance: 5.93 miles 


Preparing for your Driving Test Car Hire Service – Enfield

The average waiting list for a driving test in Enfield is well over eight weeks. You should, therefore, congratulate yourself that you have managed to find a last minute driving test. Sorting out a driving test car hire in Enfield is not a problem with DTC UK. However, you need to do the most important thing which is to prepare yourself to pass.

Hire Car for Driving Test Enfield – Eat

What you eat will make your body react in different ways. The driving test is early in the morning, you will require night sleep. Therefore, carbohydrate-rich foods such as Pasta will help. Foods that are rich in carbohydrates will make you feel sleepy. Now, if your driving test is in the afternoon, consider something with protein in it such as meat or eggs. Protein will keep you alert. Whatever you decide to eat, do not go to a driving test on an empty stomach.

First of all, start at Enfield DTC
At the end of the road right
Mollison Avenue
Three traffic Lights ahead
Bullsmoor Lane
Left turn
Kingsfield Way
At the end of the road left
Bullsmoor Lane
End of road, and then left turn
Take the second left
Turkey St
Right turn
Winnington Road
Left turn here
Longfield Avenue
At the end of the road left, and right
Hertford Road
Second mini roundabout ahead, and left
The Ride
At the end of the road right
Alexandra Road
Left at end of road
Lea Valley Road
Roundabout left
Mollison Avenue
Roundabout left, and then right
Suez Road
Left turn
Mollison Avenue
Finally ahead at R/bout and right at
Driving test centre


About us

Car Rental for Practical Test Enfield

DTC UK not only can book you a last minute driving test within 2 weeks but can also arrange a rental car for your test at Enfield. Whether your driving test is next month, next week or even tomorrow, we can help. You will have a choice of either an automatic or a manual car. All cars are insured fitted with dual controls, for your safety.

We cover all London driving test centres including Enfield. However, in the next few months, we are hoping to expand to other parts of the UK. Call us regardless of whether you require a car rental for your practical test at Enfield or elsewhere.

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