Private Driving Lessons – Tips

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Private Driving Lessons – Tips

If you have made a new years resolution to learn to drive, you may know that the averager learner driver takes between 42 to 50 proffessional driving lessons. At almost £30 per hour, it’s a lot of money, to say the least. Private practice will alongside the driving lessons ensure that you have a great chance to pass the first time. Here are some tips and advice, which can help you as parents and a learner, to prepare yourselves before going out on driving lessons.  

 Read the Highway Code

Consider reading the Highway Code.  For a parent, this is a good way to brush up on your knowledge, so you don’t teach anything incorrect to the learner. For a learner, this is a good way to understand the roads rules and regulations. Extra information is available at the DTC Driving Test Services Youtube Channel.

Automatic or Manual Car

Consider what vehicles you wish to learn in, manual or automatic. If your parents have a manual car, it would be advisable to take professional driving lessons in a manual as well. Learning in an automatic is easier but you will be restricting yourself to automatics only. However, pass in a manual and you will be able to drive an automatic car as well as a manual.

Learner Driver Insurance

Ensure you have the correct insurance before driving. The learner driver needs to be named on the parent’s policy or have their own insurance. Learner driver insurance can be bought for a whole year or even a month. It is separate from the parent’s policy. If a claim was to be made by the learner, this would not affect the parent’s policy.

Plan the driving lessons

Planning is vital.  Ensure you have a route planned before starting. Start off in an empty car park, getting to know where the controls are placed and how to operate them. Also, plan a route which the learner is familiar with.  

Communicate with Driving Instructor

Work alongside the learners driving instructor. If possible, the supervising parent should behind one or two of the driving lessons. The parent will be able to learn some of the terminology used by the instructor.

Passengers in the Car

Although perfectly legally, passengers should be avoided. Driving lessons should be based on a one to one. Having more people present in your vehicle, will only cause distractions. Distractions only lead to higher risks of being involved in an accident. 

Booking a Practical Test

Most driving test centres in the UK operate a waiting list of just over 2 months. However, the learner should not be tempted to apply for the driving test before they are fully ready. Consult the driving instructor first. The average pass rate in the UK is less than 50%. The main reason is that learner drivers book early driving tests before they are actually ready.

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