I’ve lost my provisional driving licence

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I’ve lost my provisional driving licence

So, you’ve lost your driving licence. Whether it’s a provisional driving licence or a full UK licence, it can easily be replaced. There are three ways of replacing your driving licence. The quickest and easiest is online at Gov.UK.

Lost/Stolen Driving Licences

Lost/Stolen driving licences should be reported to the police as well as the DVLA. By reporting your driving licence must or stolen you’re preventing fraudsters from being able to impersonate you by using your driving licence as ID.

Replacing a lost Driving Licence – Online

Whether you have lost your driving licence or it is stolen, the process is the same. In order for you to apply for a replacement licence online, you need to be resident in the UK and provide your last three years address history. The fee for the application is £20. It is also helpful if you have access to your driving licence number, passport and national insurance number. Although helpful, they are not essential. Once you have successfully completed the application, you will receive a confirmation email from the DVLA. The replacement driving licence should arrive with you within 2 weeks.

Replacing a lost Driving Licence – By Post

You may apply for your replacement licence by post. In order to do so, the holder must complete the form D1 which is available from most post offices. Postal applications normally take about three weeks to process. If your driving licence has not been lost or stolen but instead had been damaged, you must enclose the damaged licence with your application.

Have a Theory or Driving Test  Soon?

If you are attending for a theory or a practical driving test, you will need to show your provisional driving licence. Without a driving licence, the theory test or the practical driving test cannot be conducted. The theory test office and driving examiners at the practical driving test centres will not accept photocopies or even other forms of identifications such as passports.

If within the next few weeks you have a theory test, driving test or just require your licence urgently. It may be worth calling the DVLA on 0300-790-680. If you require a driving test cancellation, DTC Driving Test Services can help. We guarantee you an earlier driving test within 2 weeks of it’s free.

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