How to remember stopping distances

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How to remember stopping distances

Many learner drivers preparing to take the theory test struggle to remember the overall stopping distances. The distance takes for a car to come to a stop is not just a problem for learner drivers. Driving too close, in other words, tailgating is one of the biggest causes of road accidents in the UK. Many learner drivers also fail the practical driving test for driving too close to the driver and front.

Thinking Distance

The overall stopping distance is divided into two sections. The first is a thinking distance and the second is a stopping distance. The thinking distance is the distance that you will have travelled before you even start pressing the brake pedal. It is the time taken for your brain to absorb the information and instruct your fort to apply the brake. Basically, the thinking distance is approximately 1 foot for every mile that you are travelling. Therefore, at 30 mph the thinking distance would be 30 feet. 40 mph it would be 40 feet. If it mph it will be 50 feet and so on.

Braking Distance

The braking distance is the distance that the car would have travelled whilst your foot is on the brake to bring it to a complete stop. The faster that you are travelling the momentum the car will have and therefore the longer it will take you to stop.

The Overall Stopping Distance

The overall stopping distance is the thinking distance plus the braking distance. The overall stopping distance favourites part of the theory test, but they’re not easy to remember. Here is a great way to remember the overall stopping distance.  Start with 20mph. Simply multiply the speed by intervals of 0.5, beginning with 2, for example, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 etc as follows:

20mph x 2 = 40 feet———- 12 metres or 3 car lengths

30mph x 2.5 = 75 feet——– 23 metres or 6 car lengths

40mph x 3 = 120 feet——— 36 metres or 9 car lengths

50mph x 3.5 = 175 feet——- 53 metres or 13 car lengths

60mph x 4 = 240 feet——— 73 metres or 18 car lengths

70mph x 4.5 = 315 feet —— 96 metres or 24 car lengths

The Stopping distances can be affected by many conditions such as weather, road conditions, the condition of the driver and the condition of the car. Increase your chance of passing the theory test by simply reading the question twice. Many people fail theory simply because they rush it.  The team at DTC Driving Test Services wishes you good luck to all those learners studying for the theory test. Why not improve your chances further by visiting our YouTube Channel.


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