Driving Theory Test

Driving Theory Test

DTC Driving Theory Test

Driving Theory Test

You’ll have 57 minutes to answer 50 multiple choice questions. Before the test starts you’ll be able to attempt a few practice questions in order to get used to how the screen displays the questions. You will also receive exact instructors on how the test works.

You’ll get 15 minutes to get used to the screen and the system, so take this time to settle in, get used to how it all works, and ask any questions you have.  A question and several possible answers will be shown. Some of the questions are based on a case study. The case study will show a short story that five questions will be based upon. It will be about a real life situation that you could possibly come across while driving. This point of this exercise is not to judge your memorisation of answers, but to test your understanding of common situations that you will likely have to face. You can leave a question blank and come back to it later, it’s best to flag these questions so you remember which ones you’ve left.  You can also easily change your answers by selecting a different option.

There are no trick questions in the multiple-choice section. The DVLA has hundreds of official questions which are chosen at random, so no two entrants will receive an identical exam. Once you’re finished you should check over your answers. You do not, however, have to use up all 57 minutes. You can have a break of up to 3 minutes until the hazard perception starts.

Practice the Theory Tests

It’s recommended that you read over the books mentioned above before attempting practice exam questions. This is so you understand why the answers are correct, and not simply memorising the correct answers. The questions given in the real test are never the same as the ones in the practice, therefore a real understanding of the theory is required.

The DVSA provides free practice exams for you to attempt online. You’ll be able to access three test clips for free for the hazard perception and two full 50 question multiple choice exams. However, this is still a limited amount of questions to practice from. Most people would require more in order to become more comfortable with the style of questions.

You can access more exam style questions by purchasing the official DVSA Theory Test app. This app contains:

  • information on all 14 topics to help you fully understand the theory
  • questions on each topic to see how much you’ve learnt. There are also practice case studies
  • Mock tests – includes car theory test revision question and answer
  • Hazard perception – 20 official, interactive practice hazard perception video clips

This app is brilliant for people on the go and contains a wealth of different questions, allowing you to apply the content you’ve learned in real-world scenarios. It does cost £4.99, this, however, is far cheaper than failing and rebooking your theory test. Therefore, it should definitely be considered when preparing for your test.

The Hazard Perception Test

The maximum number of points you can obtain for recognising a hazard is five. You respond by clicking the mouse button as soon as you see a hazard. Points are not deducted for clicking for other hazards which are not developing. The earlier you click for a developing hazard the more points you get, the later you click means the fewer points you receive. Reducing from five to one. You won’t be able to replay the clips and review your answers, so concentration is vital throughout the entire duration of the videos.

The DVSA employ an anti-cheating system which can detect clicks that are made in a regular pattern. If this is detected you will receive 0 for that clip and will be told at the end of the clip. For cars and motorcyclists, the pass mark is 44 out of 75. For LGV drivers it’s 67 out of 100.



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