How to Complain against a Driving Examiner

DVSA Complaints Against Driving Examiner

How to Complain against a Driving Examiner

How do I complain about a driving examiner? This is a question that many learner drivers ask after failing a driving test. So the first thing I must say is that there is no appeal against the result of a driving test. The examiner’s decision is final. However, you have the right to appeal if you feel that the test was conducted unfairly.

Trainee Driving Examiners

Anyone wishing to become a driving examiner is assessed on their personality and customer service skills throughout the whole process. This starts with the initial application all the way to placement at a local driving test centre and beyond. Trainee driving examiners are observed closely on how they communicate with other candidates, staff members and even the cleaners and the canteen staff.

Driving Test Centre Manager

However, if you feel the urge to complain about a driving examiners general manners o attitude, your comments will be most welcomed by the DVSA. If you have experienced an issue with an examiners customer service skills, the first point of contact should be the driving test centre manager. We are upset we turn to say or do things that we may later regret. Therefore it is best to take contact details of the manager and email them at a later stage.

DVSA Customer Service

Hopefully, the centre manager will be able to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. However, if you are unhappy with the outcome you may raise the matter directly with the DVSA Customer Service Department. They must reply to your complaint within 10 working days. When contacting the DVSA it is important that you quote your driving licence number along with your booking application reference number if available. If not, you may use your theory pass certificate number instead. All complaints to the DVSA must be dealt with by senior management. A rest assure, your issue will be addressed.

DVSA customer service centre
[email protected]

PO Box 280
NE99 1FP

Taking the Complaint Further

The DVSA customer service department will normally be able to resolve the issue. However, if you are not satisfied with the response, you make matter higher to the DVSA corporate reputation. Their contact details are below.

DVSA Head of Corporate Reputation
[email protected]

Head of Corporate Reputation
The Axis Building
112 Upper Parliament Street

If you’re still not happy with the response from the Head of Corporation reputation, you may matter directly with the DVSA chief executive.

DVSA Chief Executive’s office
[email protected]

Chief Executive’s Office
The Axis Building
112 Upper Parliament Street

The chief executive’s office is the highest level that you can raise your complaint within the DVSA itself. However, if you’re not happy you have the right to ask the DVSA to refer your case to the independent claims assessor (ICA). The ICA will look at whether the DVSA handled your complaint appropriately. They will also give you a reasonable decision. The service of the ICA is free of any charges. The Independent Claims Assessor can investigate into the following:

  • bias or discrimination.
  • unfair treatment.
  • poor or misleading advice.
  • failure to give information.
  • mistakes.
  • unreasonable delays.
  • inappropriate staff behaviour.

The majority of driving examiners in the UK are very friendly and down to earth people. They are easily approachable. However, if you do come across in examiner whose customer service skills is not what you would expect from a professional, nothing will be done about it unless you express your concerns. Why not consider visiting our the DTC Driving Test Services YouTube Channel for weekly videos.

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