The History Of Driving In Reigate, Surrey

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The city centre has buckets of charm and character, but even the most ardent Reigate fan will admit that the shopping centre is practical – it’s one of those things you can’t forget in neighbouring towns. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Surrey High Street without it, and even if you did, you’d probably have to push through it. These are the shopping centres where people live in the village of Redhill. There’s Clacket Lane in Cobham, which opened in 2012, the first of its kind in Surrey, as well as a number of other shops and restaurants.

If you are planning a driving test at Reigate and have international experience than you should try to avoid the mainstream driving schools as they will expect you to have loads of lessons even before recommending for a driving test. Instead, you should consider hiring a dual control car accompanied by a driving instructor. DTC employers emergency driving instructors trained to get you through the practical test at Reigate or any other London test centres within days.

Western Parade is the only road south of Reigate on the London-Brighton road, which is the only road north of the city centre, except for the motorway network. It is the main thoroughfare between London and Brighton and one of only a handful of roads between the two cities.

The M25 is called the A25 because, with the exception of the section through Surrey, it follows the route of the old A24 and is essentially named after its nearest road. It is one of only a few examples of a motorway essentially named after its proximity; the M23 and M24 are the only two other motorways in the country with similar names. The M25 crosses all five counties it crosses, although some sources argue that it is just over the border and just beyond the borders, but it passes everyone.

Off the road, Reigate is just a short drive from Reigate Hill to the city’s M25 junction, which provided easy access from the south of England. Newlands Corner, managed by the Surrey Wildlife Trust, offers some of the best views of the Surrey Hills and if you’re in the countryside, you’ll never forget it. 

If you trace your route back, you will soon be back in Guildford on the A25 or A246, where you turn left into Hollow Lane. Follow the sign to Leith Hill, pass the village of Merrow and then turn right onto the A25 before heading to Dorking. Follow the signs to Coldharbour, just pass Wotton and then turn right onto the M25 before turning left onto Guildton Road and right onto Reigate. You can continue on this road for a few more kilometres, passing the villages of Merrow. 

Brentwood is also accessible from the M25 and A1023 and adjoins the J11 to the A12. There are no dedicated lanes, but a special lane is allowed between the village of Brentwood and Guildton Road, south of the junction with the B12. There are two lanes in each direction, one on each side, which on a typical weekday morning allows a total of 12,000 cars per day.

The address of the local practical driving test centre is Reigate Practical Driving Test Center, 7 Slipshatch Road, Woodhatch, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 8HA.  The Centre is located around busy town roads and rural roads. Rural country driving can be challenging for drivers due to the high speed involved and difficult corners.

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