The History Of Driving In Mitcham, South London

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In the 1950s and 1960s, Route 93 ran from Epsom Station to Putney Bridge Station, but this route was withdrawn in the 1970s as the route was shortened to improve efficiency. They hit some busy roads and were put on Route 293, which ran through London to Dorking, and then on to North Cheam, before being withdrawn and cut back to their original terminus in the garages of Streatham and Merton, and a brand new Route 293 began serving Epsoms Station and Wimbledon Station. This line has now been extended to operate between the two Streatingham / Merton garages with STL and D class vehicles respectively. In the 1990s, it was withdrawn to shorten routes, improve efficiency and bring it closer to its original destination. 

Line 406 was converted into London Country Bus Services in the 1970s, which was based in Reigate but was taken over in 1970. Route 406 is now served from the garages in Streatingham / Merton, with a stop at London Road Station and then on to North Cheam Station.

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Mitcham-based bus operator Nostalgiabus began operating Route 306 with former London Transport chiefs serving as drivers, conductors and conductors. It ran from Streatingham / Merton station to London Road station and then on to North Cheam station, operated by London Country, which then worked on 406. 

The railroad, which was drawn by horses, served to transport Mitcham’s gardening products to and from London during the heyday of horticulture in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In 1840 the line was decommissioned and later used by steam trains and later by the Croydon Tramlink. London Road served as the terminus of the North Cheam line of the London and South London Railways. 

The address of Mitcham driving test center is Redhouse Rd, Croydon CR0 3AQ. It offers to test car diver and motorcyclist. You can learn all about the requirements of the UK driving test by visiting the DTC YouTube Channel.

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