The History Of Driving In Hendon, North London

Hendon Driving Test Center

As North London has some brilliant places to live north of the river, there’s plenty to see if you decide to buy a house in North London. The average house price in North London is now more than double the UK average, showing that the area has a dynamic property market that is perfect for investment. 

The underground northern line reached Golders Green from the south, with the line extended to Hendon Central, Colindale and Edgware in 1923-24. In the same year, work began on a new station on Hendon’s Way, which would run from Finchley Road at Childs Hill northwards towards Hendon at Central Underground Station. This station was built and opened in 1924, just a few months after the opening of the first station on the London Underground in North London.

Hendon Wood Lane leaves Highwood Hill and runs north along the county line to Barnet Gate and leaves Parson Street towards Ridgeway at Mill Hill. The northern part of the road, Watford Way, leads to Northway Circus, while the northern part, Hendon Wood Road (Hendons Way), leads north to the border to Hertfordshire, the southern part of this road leads south to the London Underground station, while Edgware Way takes a western route via Dean Brook to Edgware. A second major route in London and Hampstead runs northwest from Colindeep Lane into the community of Golders Hill, joins Edgware Road north of Hyde and passes Golder Green, Brent Street and Burroughs. No. 17 leaves Parsons Street at the Ridgeway in MillHill and follows the same route as the RidGeway, which joins Mill Hill.

The North Circular Road and Watford Way were connected by the Great North Way, which was built in 1926 and completed in 1927. As well as serving residents, Tottenham’s driving test centre is a popular destination for those living in areas with regular train services, and it is also a good place to live if you live in an area that has no regular train services. The test centres are only a short drive from the North Circular Road and therefore an ideal place for a test drive in the early 20th century. A large three-level flyover – built at Brent Cross, where Hendon Way crosses the north side of the motorway – improved access to the motorway. 

Hendon’s Driving Test Centre is located at 3 Aviation Dr, London NW9 5TZ. However, in order to book your driving test, you must visit the government website but you will need to hire a car for the practical test as they are not provided by the examiners.

Tottenham is a stone’s throw from North Circular Road, while there are two testing centres, one in Wood Green and the other in Islington. Hendon Test Centre is close to Edgware and East Barnet, making it an ideal location for those wishing to purchase their licence in North London. The Wood Green Driving Test Centre, which serves Haringey residents, can also live in the same area as Islington, where there is no dedicated testing centre, as well as other parts of the borough.

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