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Car for Driving Test in Bromley Court

When a practical test is booked at Bromley Court, the candidate will automatically receive an email confirmation from DVSA. The email contains vital information. Unfortunately, many learners fail to read it properly. The email states that the candidate must bring their UK learners driving licence, theory pass certificate and a car.

Can you Use the Driving Examiners Car for the Test

Learner drivers MUST bring a car to their practical test at Bromley Court or anywhere else in the UK for that matter. The driving examiners nor the DVSA will allow a test candidate to borrow or hire their cars. The confirmation email sent to test candidates at the time of booking states that must learners use their instructor’s car. Do not confuse the driving instructor with the driving examiner. The examiner is the person that will examine, in others pass or fail you. The instructor is the person who will teach you, in other words, the teacher.

Can you use the Driving Instructors Car in Bromley Court

Most learners in the Bromley Court area use their driving instructor’s car. But then, most learners in Bromley stick with the same instructor for months, some even years. General speaking, driving instructors in London will not allow the use of their car for the driving test, unless the learner driver is taking regular tuition from them. If you are taking regular driving lessons, inform your instructor as soon as you have booked the test, even if it’s months away. Practical tests in Bromley are usually booked months in advance. If you do not your instructors time, someone else will. You will end up with the problem of changing your practical test date or changing your instructor.

Using a Car Rental Company

Unfortunately, the DVSA no longer allow rental cars to be used in the practical driving test unless they are fitted with dual controls and insured for the purpose of taking the driving test. Major car rental companies in the Bromley Court area such as Hertz will rental car to international drivers but not for the purpose if taking a driving test.

Using your Own Car for the Practical Test

You may take the practical test in your own car provided it meets all the DVSA guidelines.  Basically, it must be taxed, MOTed, Roadworthy, insured, fitted with L-plates and an extra interior mirror for the driving examiner. Please remember, if you do decide to take your own car to the test, you must also take a supervising driver with you. The driver must be at least 21 years old and have held the full UK or European drivers license for at least 3 years.

Dual Control Car Hire with Instructor

This service is mainly aimed at learner drivers who have been let down by their driving instructors at the very last minute. It is also beneficial drivers from abroad who do not require a full course of driving lessons usually demanded by local driving instructors and driving schools.

DTC UK can arrange a manual or an automatic car rental for the driving test at Bromley Court at just short notice. We have emergency driving instructors who are able to provide a few hours of coaching if required. If your driving test is not booked, DTC UK can guarantee you a short notice driving test in the Bromley Court area within 2 weeks or it’s free.


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