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Driving Test in Slough

The Slough driving test centre is located on Waterside Drive, directly opposite Langley British Rail station. The examiner will walk into the waiting room and call out your name. You will then be required to sign a declaration to confirm that you have lived in the UK for the past 6 months and you have bought a car which is insured for you to drive. The examiner will then verify the signature with that of your provisional licence. They will also make sure that the picture on the licence matches the candidate.

The driving test in Slough will start from the centre car park. You may be required to carry out the bay park exercise at the beginning of the test, even before leaving the car park. The drive from Slough Driving Test Centre will incorporate many challenging roads.

Driving Test in Slough – Rain

Many learner drivers have been known to fail their test at Slough due to rain. When you leave Waterside drive, the examiner can either ask you to turn right toward Langley or left towards Iver. Both ways will have a dip in the road which floods in the slightest rain. If puddles cannot be avoided, they must be taken cautiously. Watch this Youtube video on great tips on, “Unknown Secret on Dealing Driving in Rain in Driving Test “

Driving Test in Slough – Country Lanes

As the Slough practical test centre is located on the outskirts of London, the examiner will have access to many country lanes. The country lanes around the Langley area are not as well maintained by the council as the residential roads. Therefore, there are often greater chances of hitting potholes. Potholes may puncture a tyre, cause upset the tracking and can even cause damage to the car.  Try to avoid potholes safely by either slowing down or if safe to do so, driving around them.

Driving Test in Slough – Dual Carriageways

The Slough driving test route has access to dual carriageways such as the A332 and A355 and these often feature on the test. Learner drivers have been known to fail their practical test at Slough due to not keeping to the left on the dual carriageways. You are allowed to use the right hand to overtake but must remember to move back in at the first safe opportunity.

Driving Test in Slough – Independent Section

Half the test will consist of driving independently. During this section of the test, you will either be asked to follow a set of road signs or follow direction from a satnav. You need not worry about taking along your own sat nav, as this will be provided by the examiner.

Driving Test in Slough – Emergency Car Rental

You are required to bring a suitable car for the test. If your current driving instructor has let you down or you are without a car for any other reason, DTC Driving Test Car Rentals will be able to help. We can provide both automatic and manual cars at only 24 hours notice. All out instructors are fully qualified and familiar with the Slough driving test routes.


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