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Car for Driving Test Luton

Before attending for a driving test at Luton, the test candidate must ensure that they are fully prepared. Part of the preparation involves reading the DVSA confirmation email sent to the test candidate at the time of booking. Many learner drivers are turned away at the Luton driving test centre because they have either forgotten their glasses which are required to read the number plate or they have attended without a car for the test.

Using the Examiner car for the Driving Test

In many parts of the world, a test candidate would normally use a car which is provided by the driving examiners. However, in the UK the driving examiners will not allow you to use their vehicles. The DVSA email confirmation clearly states the test candidate must bring their own car for their driving test at Luton. It also states that most learner drivers use their driving instructor’s car. The driving instructor must not be confused with the driving examiner.

Using the Instructors Car for the Driving Test

If the driver has been learning to drive with an ADI (Approved Driving Instructor), there would normally be able to use their instructor’s car for the driving test. Most driving instructors in the Luton area are self-employed business people. There will only hire out their cars to learner drivers who they have taught. You may find a handful of driving instructors in Luton that are prepared to hire out their cars to nonstudents, but only after carefully assessing their driving.

Using your Own Car for the Driving Test

You can take your own car to the driving test without the need for a driving instructor. However, the test candidate should bear in mind that the UK driving test is not an easy test. It is marked to a very high standard. You are allowed no serious faults in the 40 minutes’ drive. If you do intend to take your own car to the driving test, it will be strongly advised to take a few driving lessons beforehand from an ADI in the Luton area. Firstly, the driving instructor will be familiar with the test routes and secondly will be able to clear out your bad habits. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the car that you bring for the driving test must meet DVSA standards.

DTC UK Driving test Car Hire

Learner drivers in the Luton area have the option of renting a car to take the driving test. However, any rental car used for the purpose of the driving test must be fitted with dual controls. DTC UK provides both automatic and manual dual control cars at short notice. Our cars accompanied by an ADI who will be familiar with the Luton driving test routes. To ensure that you have completed the DVSA syllabus, our emergency driving instructors are prepared to provide you a few hours of intensive training.

If you have recently failed your driving test and are looking to book an earlier appointment, DTC UK can assist you. We checked the Luton driving test centre for driving test cancellations every 20 seconds, of every hour, of every day. We can guarantee you an earlier driving test date within two weeks or it’s free.

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