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Car for Driving Test at Hornchurch

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Car for Driving Test at Hornchurch

Before attending you a practical test at Hornchurch, or anywhere else in the UK for that matter, it’s important that the candidates read the email confirmation. One of the things the emails ask the candidate to bring is a car.

Use the Driving Examiners Car

Some learner drivers have been known to show up at the Hornchurch driving test centre without a car. These people were all under the impression that the car would be supplied by the driving examiners. Unfortunately, in the UK, learner drivers do not have access to the examiner’s cars.

Use the Driving Instructors Car

Using a driving instructor’s car is what the majority of learners drivers, in the Hornchurch area prefer to do. There are many advantages to using an instructor’s car. If for example, you have had several lessons with a particular instructor, you will be familiar with their car. However, if you have not taken driving lessons, many instructors would be reluctant to allow you to hire their car.

 Using your Own Car for the Driving Test

Most people prefer to take their instructor car to the driving. However, the DVSA will allow a learner to bring their own set of wheels. If you do decide to take your own car, make sure that you can get home. Learner driver car insurance is for learner drivers. It will not be valid as soon as the driving examiner issues a pass certificate. Furthermore, it is more the car meets all the DVSA rules.

Dual Control Car Hire with Instructor

If you have found yourself a driving test cancellation at Hornchurch, it is most likely that your present driving instructor will not be available to take you to the test. If you have not taken driving lessons, the chances of getting hold of a driving instructor car are much lower.

DTC UK provides an emergency dual control car hire service which comes compleat with an instructor. The vehicle will be fully insured and meet all DVSA requirements. The accompanying driving instructor will be registered with the DVSA and police checked. Furthermore, all DTC driving instructors are familiar with the Hornchurch driving test routes.

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