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Car for Driving Test at High Wycombe

Short Notice Tests for two weeks at High Wycombe

Car for Driving Test at High Wycombe

The High Wycombe practical test centre is extremely busy with a high waiting time for appointments. Occasionally, a learner driver will decide to cancel their test, maybe due to illness or other reasons. When this happens. the slot is available to the public. Learner drivers rush to snap up these cancellations without making arrangement for a car for the test.

Using the Driving Examiner Car for the Test

There are a few people that believe that they can use the driving examiner car for the practical test at High Wycombe. They may be correct is many countries but not here in the UK. The DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) or the driving examiners at High Wycombe will not allow their cars to be used by test candidates. Any candidate that turn up at the centre without a car will be turned away.

Using the Driving Instructors Car for Test

If you have learnt to drive from the same driving instructor from the start, you should have no issues arranging a car for the test. This will usually be arranged by your instructor. Most driving instructors in the High Wycombe area reserve their car for the practical test up to four months in advance. Therefore, if you have changed instructors within the last few months, check with them before confirming your driving test appointment. Your driving instructor may have another pupil booked for a test on the same date.

Using Own Car for the Driving Test

Very few learners in the High Wycombe area use their own car for the test. Many prefer to simply take their driving instructors car. There is nothing preventing someone from taking their own car to the test. However, it should meet certain standards. The cars should be clean, smoke-free and roadworthy. It should also be fitted with an extra rear view mirror. This is easily available to car part shops such as Halfords. It is worth noting that the learner is still required to be supervised to and from the High Wycombe practical test centre.

DTC Emergency Driving Instructors

DTC UK has emergency driving instructors in and around the London area available at short notice. Automatic and manual dual control cars can be arranged at only 48 hours notice. #If you have recently failed a practical test or are almost at the required standard, we can arrange a driving test cancellation within days. In fact, we guarantee an earlier driving test within 2 weeks or it’s free.



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