Car for Driving Test at Erith


Car for Driving Test at Erith

Before attending for a practical test at the Erith Driving Test Centre, it is important that the candidate reads the booking email confirmation. A large number of learner drivers attend the Erith driving test centre without the proper documents or even a car!

Use of Driving Examiner Car for Test

In the email confirmation letter, it states that people use their driving instructor’s car for the test. This must not be confused with the driving examiners car. The driving examiners at Erith driving test centre can not allow the use of their cars in the test. The DVSA will not allow them to lend or hire out the cars. Any person that attends for a test without a car will have their test cancelled. Furthermore, they will lose their money and have to rebook again.

Use of Driving Instructors Car

Driving instructors have special insurance and dual controls fitted to their cars. They often hire out their cars to candidates who have a practical test booked at the Erith driving test centre. However, most instructors will only rent out their cars to the learner who has regular driving lessons from them. You may find an instructor who just happens to be free on the day of your driving test. However, they will still have to access your driving skills even before they will consider allowing you to use their car.

Using a Car Rental Company

There are many well known rental companies in the Erith area where you may rent a car. All will require you to have a full driving licence. This does not necessarily have to be a British license. However, their insurance will not allow the renter to use the car for the purpose of the driving test. Furthermore, it is a DVSA rule that any rental vehicle, used for the driving test, must be fitted with dual controls. This applies to advances driving test taken by driving instructors as well as learner drivers.

Using your Own Car in the Driving Test

The option to use your own car in the test is available provided it meets DVSA rules. To summerise, firstly, the car must be taxed, MOTed, insured and be roadworthy. Secondly, it must be clear from clutter, be a smoke-free, fitted with L-plates and an extra mirror for the examiner. The driving examiner at Erith will ask the candidate will ask the candidate a vehicle safely question before starting the test. This may involve opening the bonnet, checking lights or controls in the car.

Dual Control Car Hire with Instructor

If you have booked a short notice driving test and your instructor is not available, DTC UK will be able to assist. Whether your practical driving test at Erith is next month, next week or tomorrow, we can arrange a dual control car hire with an instructor. We have emergency driving instructors to cover any short notice driving in the Erith area. Automatic and manual cars available.

Should you require a fast track driving test, DTC UK can arrange it for you. In fact, we guarantee a driving test cancellation within 2 weeks or it’s free.


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