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Cancellation Driving Tests Chichester – Country Roads

The driving test from Chichester will start on rural roads. However, town driving will also be involved in the driving test. The rule country lanes around Chichester seem to be very pretty. However, these lanes are the UK’s most dangerous type of roads. This is due to the high speeds combined with very sharp bends. Also, the country lanes around Chichester are not as well maintained as residential roads. Due to this reason, you should expect a deal with potholes.

Earlier Driving Test Chichester – Potholes

If you see a pothole, check the rearview mirror and if nobody is behind you, try avoiding the pothole. However, is traffic is behind you, slow down so that you do not hit the pothole at a high speed? Potholes can easily puncture a tire. In fact, it can cause damage to the whole wheel.

The A27 dual carriageway is likely to be taken in the driving test. Many learner’s worries unnecessarily about your carriageways. There are in fact, easier and safer, lanes.

More information on Chichester.

Address for Chichester Practical Driving Test Centre

Wyman House.
Shopwhyke Road.
West Sussex.
PO20 2AA.

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There are one high step access double doors to Chichester driving test centre. The double door is unable to open for wheelchair disabled access. However, special arrangements will be made. Also, There are no disabled toilets. Limited four parking bays are available for test candidates, 6 parking bays for visitors and staff. However, additional parking is available outside the test centre. Both Male and female toilets available.

The test centre conducts testing for car drivers and taxi drivers.

Nearby driving test centres to Chichester:

Portsmouth driving test centre – Distance: 15.8 miles
Lancing driving test centre – Distance: 18.24 miles
Lee on the Solent driving test centre – Distance: 20 miles
Southampton driving test centre – Distance: 22.95 miles
Newport driving test centre – Distance: 25.72 miles

Short Notice Driving Test Chichester – Pass Rate

Chichester driving test centre has a pass rate which is far above most other driving tests in the country, it’s pass rate is calculated to be at around 54%. Monthly around 420 driving tests are taken at this centre, from this around 215 candidates successfully complete and pass the test.

Although the pass rate is high, this does not mean the test is easier at this test centre. The examiner will still expect you to perform to a high standard of driving and maintain this throughout the entire test.

Driving Test Cancellations Chichester

Chichester practical test centre is a very busy centre with an average waiting time best of eight weeks for a driving test appointments. Learner drivers are usually advised by their instructors to book early. This is because if the learner driver does not reach the required standard in time for their test appointment, this can easily be changed to a later date. If you already on the required standard or you have recently failed your driving test on something minor, the waiting time can be problematic.

DTC Driving Test Cancellations

DTC UK can constantly check Chichester practical test centre for earlier driving test dates. In fact, you can guarantee you an earlier driving test date within two weeks or we will give it to you completely free of charge. One of the reasons for this is that we check the driving test cancellations over 3000 times per day at each test centre that you choose. So if you chose Chichester and two other driving test centres, will make over 9000 checks each and every single day until we find you a driving test date that suits your needs. Furthermore, unlike other driving test cancellation companies we will not ask you for any money until you are happy with the time and date of the earlier driving test date. Nor will we ask you for any car details or bank details of any sort. With DTC driving test cancellations you have nothing to lose.

Chichester Driving Test Centre
Turn Right
Oving Road
At the Traffic lights, Turn Right
A27 Bypass
Take a Left
Church Road
End of the Road, Turn Left
Westhampnett Road
At Mini Roundabout, Straight ahead, Second Mini Roundabout, Turn Right.
Spitalfield Lane
Take the Second Left
Melbourne Road
Straight at Crossroads
Litten Terrace
Turn Left at Crossroads
Adelaide Road
End of the Road, Turn Left
Spitalfield Lane
At the Roundabout, Take a Right
Oaklands Way
Gyratory system, Straight ahead
Orchard Street
At the Roundabout, Take a Right Third Exit
At the Mini Roundabout, Take a Right Third Exit
Sherborne Road
End of the Road, Turn Right
St. Pauls Road
Gyratory system, Turn Left, Second Exit
Oakslands Way
At the Roundabout, Turn Left
Spitalfield Lane
At the Mini Roundabout, also Left
Douglas Martin Road
At the Mini Roundabout, Take a Right Second Exit
Swanfield Drive
Take the Fourth Left
Barnfield Drive
At Mini Roundabout, Turn Right. End of the Road, Turn Left. End of the Road, Turn Right. At the Roundabout, Straight ahead. At Roundabout, Also Left.
Westhampnett Road
At the Roundabout, Straight ahead, Second Exit
Stane Street
At the Mini Roundabout, Turn Left
Westampnett Road
End of the Road, Take a Right
At the Roundabout, Straight ahead, Second Exit. At Second roundabout, Turn Right, Second Exit.
At the Roundabout Turn Left, At Traffic Lights, Also Left
Shopwhyke Road
Finally, Turn Left into
Chichester Driving Test Centre


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