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Cancellation Driving Tests Cheltenham – Independent Drive

The driving test from Cheltenham will last approximately 40 minutes. Half I will be spent on the independent driving section of the test. It is where the driving examiner will expect you to follow directions given by satnav. Most learner drivers dread this part of the test. However, there is little to worry about.

If you were to miss your turning or even went in the wrong direction altogether, would not fail the driving test. This is guided that you continue to drive safely. The main thing about the independent driving section is the mirrors. Many learner drivers fail because as soon as a satnav gives directions, the first thing they do is to stare at the satnav. Whether satnav gives instructions, you check your mirrors before looking at the satnav. Also, you will be expected to glance at the satnav not to stare at it.

Earlier Driving Test Cheltenham – Various Junctions

During the drive from driving test centre, you will encounter various roundabouts crossroads and possibly one-way systems. Rural country lanes may also be part of the driving test. These roads seem easy but in fact, can be challenging due to the high speeds and unpredictable bends.

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Address of Cheltenham Practical Driving Test Centre 

Cheltenham DTC,
Bishopsgate House,
94 All Saints Road,
GL52 2HQ.

View on Google Maps.

To access the Cheltenham Driving Test Centre, there are around 6 steps but unfortunately, no ramp is provided. However, special arrangements will be made for the disabled. Regrettably, also no parking facilities are available at this test centre. You may park on All Saints Road which is close to the test centre, but please park legally. Both male and female toilets are available.

The closest Driving Test Centers to Cheltenham DTC:

Gloucester Practical Test Centre – Distance: 10.28 miles
Worcester Practical Test Centre – Distance: 22 miles
Swindon Practical Test Centre – Distance: 24.83 miles
Monmouth Practical Test Centre – Distance: 28.3 miles
Redditch Practical Test Centre – Distance: 28.45 miles


Pass Rate at Cheltenham Driving Test Centre

Cheltenham has a pass rate which is just below the average in the UK; its pass rate is around 42%. This is derived from data collected from a 6 months period, which shows that 2955 driving tests were conducted, out of which 1224 candidates passed their driving test.

Although the pass rate is low, this does not mean the examiner will fail you purposely, or without fault. If you perform well throughout the test then the examiner will have no choice but to pass you.

Driving Test Cancellations Cheltenham

The average waiting time for a driving test appointment at Cheltenham practical test centre is approximately nine weeks. Bearing this in mind, learner driver should book their test well before they intend to take it. As your test approaches close, if you feel that you are not fully prepared for it, it’s a very simple process to delay taking it. However, the process of bringing the driving test closer is far more complicated.

Short Notice Driving Test Cheltenham

Driving test cancellations do appear at the Cheltenham practical test centre but are very rare and few. When they do appear, usually snapped up within minutes. In order for you to search for a driving test cancellations of Cheltenham, you must be prepared to spend a good few hours on a daily basis.

DTC Driving Test Cancellations

DTC driving test cancellations are continuously logged on to the official government website from 6 AM to 11:30 PM seven days per week. As soon as a driving test cancellation appears, will automatically book it for you. There will need to respond to text messages within a 10-minute timeframe. You can accept the booked cancellation test even after a long day at work. If the cancellation driving test does not suit your needs, it’s not a problem. Simply let us know and we will restart our search for you.

To access the services of DTC UK, simply provide us with your driving licence number along with your booking application reference number. Payment is not required until the service has been completed. However, before requesting us to book an earlier driving test date for you Cheltenham, is consider whether you are fully prepared to take the driving test. It is no point in getting a last-minute driving test cancellation and failing.

Cheltenham Driving Test Centre
All Saints Road
At the Roundabout, Turn Right 3rd exit
Fairview Road
End of the Road, Turn Right. At the Traffic Lights, Also Right
Portland Street
1st Traffic Lights, Turn Left. 2nd Traffic Lights, Also Left
Wellington Road
At the Traffic Lights, Take another Left
Evesham Road
At the Roundabout, Righ Turn , 4th Exit
New Barn Lane
At the Roundabout Straight Ahead, Take a Left turn
Brymore Avenue
End of the Road, Turn Right
Lyndon Avenue
Take the Second Left
Lyndon Close
Exit Right
Lyndon Avenue
Take a Left Turn
Brymore Avenue
End of the Road, Left Turn
New Barn Lane
At the Roundabout, Turn Left
Deep Street
Follow road to the Right
High Street
Follow road to the Left
Southam Road
Take the 3rd Left
Old Road
Turn Left
Southam Road
At the Traffic Lights, Also Left
Evesham Road
At the Roundabout, Turn Right 3rd Exit, Take a Left turn
Hill Court Road
End of the Road, Turn Right
Albert Road
Take the 6th Right Turn
Central Cross Drive
Take the 3rd Left Turn
Evesham Road
At the Traffic Lights, Straight ahead, Second Traffic Lights Turn Left
Clarence Road
Follow Road to the Left
Prestbury Road
At the Roundabout, Turn Right 4th Exit
Pittville Circus
Finally, Follow Road to the Right, into
All Saints Road, Cheltenham Driving Test Centre


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