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Driving Test Cancellations Swindon Wiltshire DTC UK Driving
Early Driving Test Swindon Wiltshire DTC UK Driving
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Change practical driving test Swindon Wiltshire DTC UK
Change practical driving test Swindon Wiltshire DTC UK Driving
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Cancellation Driving Tests Swindon – Document Checks

The drive from Swindon practical test centre will start with the examiner requesting to see your photo card provisional driving licence. You will then be requested to sign a declaration confirming that the vehicle you bought the driving test is insured for you to drive. Furthermore, the declaration will confirm that you have lived in the UK for the last six months. The driving examiner will then ask you if you would like you driving instructor or anybody else to accompany you to the driving test. This is entirely your decision and you are advised to plan this beforehand. Prior to the actual drive, you will be asked one vehicle safety question. A second vehicle safety question will be asked whilst you are driving.

Earlier Driving Test Swindon – Reverse Manoeuvres

Part of the driving test will involve a reverse manoeuvre. Swindon practical test centre has a car park, the driving examiners prefer to carry out the bay park manoeuvre in the car park itself. This is either requested at the very beginning or at the very end of the driving test. If the driving examiner does not request this manoeuvre then they will have a choice between the parallel Park and the stopping on the right exercise on a public road.

Short Notice Driving Test Swindon – Rural Roads

There are many rural country lanes which surround Swindon driving test centre and these will form part of the driving test route. Busy dual carriageways such as the A2102 Great Western Way may also feature in the driving test. You will be required to demonstrate to the examiner that you have a high level of knowledge safely dealing with all types of road systems including crossroads and roundabouts. This will include both mini roundabouts and large multilane roundabouts. A large section of the driving test will involve driving independently during which time you may be requested to follow directions from satnav. Alternatively, you may be requested to follow a set of road signs.

Short Notice Driving Test Swindon – Routes

Each and every single driving test route for Swindon is not necessary. However, being familiar with a few roads surrounding the test centre is always an advantage. Many learner drivers who fail at Swindon, do so in the very beginning or the very end of the driving test.

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Address of Swindon Practical Driving Test Centre 

Swindon DTC,
1 Fenn Close
SN5 5BL.

View on Google Maps.

Both male and female toilets are available at Swindon Driving Test Centre. Furthermore,  Car parking facilities are also available. This Test Centre Provides Tests For Car and Motorcycle.

Car driving tests closest to Swindon DTC:

Chippenham Practical Test Centre – Distance: 15.41 miles
Trowbridge Practical Test Centre – Distance: 24.11 miles
Cheltenham Practical Test Centre – Distance: 24.81 miles
Gloucester Practical Test Centre – Distance: 26.13 miles
Newbury Hanbury Road Practical Test Centre – Distance: 26.51 miles

Pass Rate at Swindon Driving Test Centre

The pass rate at Swindon driving test centre is 54.3%. This percentage has been averaged out from, the number of attempted driving test booked to how many learners passed their practical driving test. Last year, 3928 candidates attempted their practical driving test, with 2131 passing their driving test, giving Swindow driving test centre an average pass rate of 54.3


Driving Test Cancellations Swindon

When booking your driving test at Swindon you should do so on the official government website

You will need to do this at least a few months prior to when you wish to take the driving test is there is a quite a long wait for appointments at this test centre. However, you recently have taken a driving test and have been unsuccessful, you simply do not want to be waiting two months for a driving test appointment. Delaying taking your driving test would mean that you will tend to forget some other important things that you have learnt. It is unless you take continuous lessons, which can be very expensive.

Change Driving Test with DTC UK

DTC UK driving test cancellations can usually find you an earlier driving test date at Swindon within a couple of weeks. We do this as we are continuously logged on to the DVSA website, searching for either anyone to cancel their driving test or for the DVSA to release new dates. To access the services of DTC UK simply text your details, complete the form below or alternatively give us a call.

Driving Test Centre - Swindon
Turn Left
Croft Centre Road
End Right
Marlborough Lane
R/bout Left then R/bout Right
Marlborough Rd
R/bout second Exit
Broome Manor Lane
End Right.
Broome Manor Lane
R/bout Second Exit
Marlborough Road
R/bout ahead, R/bout 4 th exit, R/bout left
Stratton St Margaret By-Pass
First Left
Wheatstone Road
End Right
Liden Drive
End Left.
Eddison Rd
R/bout Left
Dorcan Way
R/bout second Exit, R/bout Fourth Exit
Queens Drive
Second Right
Whitbourne Ave
Two x R/bouts ahead, then left
Bridport Road
End Right.
Welcombe Avenue
Third Right
Honiton Rd
End Right
Welcombe Avenue
First Left
Dulverton Ave
Roundabout turn left
Kingswood Avenue
Two x R/bout ahead, R/bout right.
Whitbourne Ave
End Left
Queens Drive
Take Right
Windsor Road
R/bout ahead then R/bout right
Marlborough Rd
Two x Roundabout ahead
Marlborough Lane
Roundabout right then left.
Croft Centre Road
Finally, Right into
Swindon Driving Test Centre


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