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Chelmsford – Two Test Centres

There are two driving test centres Chelmsford. The first is at Hoffmans Lane conducts tests for cars and taxis. The second driving test centre is located at Hanbury road, which mainly conducts tests for larger vehicles. However, recently the DVSA has also started conducting car tests from this test centre. It is therefore vital that you check and double check your email confirmation letter to make sure that you arrive at the correct test centre. If you arrive at the wrong centre or late for your test by more than three minutes, the test will be cancelled and you will lose your fee.

Chelmsford – Busy roads

The Chelmsford driving test centres are located along busy roads. The driving examiner will expect you to have a good knowledge of traffic systems such as roundabouts. Is roundabouts will range from the small mini-roundabouts to large complicated multilane roundabouts. Also expected, is a good knowledge of crossroads, junctions and one-way systems.

There will also be some high-speed roads such as the A138 and A12 dual carriageway. In joining on to these dual carriageways you expected to merge in at the appropriate speed, without causing the traffic on the main road to slow down, swerve or to stop.

The quieter residential roads are also used in the driving test for the purpose of the reversing exercise. The examiner will only require you to do one reverse manoeuvre out of a possible four. Additionally, the emergency stop may or may not be required.

More information on Uxbridge.


Address of Chelmsford Hoffmanns Practical Driving Test Centre 

Chelmsford – Hoffmanns Way DTC,
Synergy Centre,
4 Hoffmanns Way,
Essex, CM1 1GU

View on Google Maps.

Chelmsford driving test centre has installed ramp access for wheelchair users. Please use the disabled parking bay if this is the case. Other driving test candidates must use regular car parking facilities.  There are designated parking bays for candidates, please use these. Both male and female toilets available to driving test candidates. Hoffman Way DTC provides testing for taxi and cars.

Address of Chelmsford Hanbury Road Practical Driving Test Centre

Chelmsford LGV Hanbury Road DTC,
Widford Industrial Estate

This is mainly a test centre that conducts testing for large Vehicles. However, driving tests for cars also take place from here. The centre is fitted with automatic opening doors which are suitable for all customers. A one-way system in operation for training vehicles on the test. There are no parking facilities for candidates vehicles. Therefore, please park legally in Hanbury Road.


Nearby driving test centres to Chelmsford:

Basildon driving test centre – Distance: 11.21 miles
Brentwood driving test centre – Distance: 11.91 miles
Bishops Stortford driving test centre – Distance: 15.84 miles
Southend-on-Sea driving test centre – Distance: 16.57 miles
Hornchurch driving test centre – Distance: 16.73 miles


Driving Test Chelmsford – Pass Rate

Pass rates are only available for Hanbury road. The pass rate is calculated to be at 48%, which is a tiny bit higher than other centres across the UK on average. It’s a very busy test centre, with nearly 4000 tests conducted in a 6 month period. Out of which exactly 1900 of them passed.

The pass rates for Chelmsford – Hoffmanns Way are likely to be similar to the one both, as they are both in roughly the same area, so it is likely that the test routes will cross over.

Are you starting your Intensive Driving course soon?

In order to take one of our Intensive Driving Courses, you will need to hold a valid UK provisional driving license and have passed your theory test. If you do not have a practical test booked, don’t worry. Simply provide us with your driving license number along with your theory pass certificate number and we will get you a fast-track driving test – If you can need help to book your theory test, this can be arranged for you.

However, please remember that our semi-intensive driving course is designed for learners who have recently failed a practical driving test, international drivers, and those who are almost up to test standard. They are not suitable for the new beginner.

Chelmsford Driving Test Centre
Turn Left
Hoffmans Way
At the Roundabout, Take a Left
New Street
At the Traffic Lights, Turn Right
Victoria Road
1st Mini Roundabout, Turn Left, 2nd Mini Roundabout , Take a Left Turn
Victoria Road South
At the Roundabout, Take a Left
At the 1st Roundabout, Straight ahead, At the 2nd Roundabout, Take a Left
Chelmer Road
At the Roundabout, Right Turn
Chelmer Villages Way
At the Roundabout, Take a Left
Beeleigh Link
At the Roundabout, go Straight Ahead
Chelmer Road
1st Slip Road, At the Roundabout, Take a Right
Springfield Road
Turn Left
Pump Lane
At the Mini Roundabout, Take a Left
End of the Road, Turn Right
Pump Lane
Take a Left
Springfield Road
At the Roundabout, Also Left
Colchester Road
1st Roundabout- Straight ahead, 2nd Roundabout- Right, 3rd Roundabout-Straight Ahead, 4th Roundabout- Left.
Chelmer Road
At the Roundabout, Take a Right Turn
Chelmer Road
At the Traffic Lights, Turn Right
Sandford Road
End of the Road, Turn Left
Springfield Road
At the Traffic Lights, Turn Right
Victoria Road
At the Traffic Lights, Also Right
New Street
At the Roundabout, Right Turn
Hoffmanns Way
Finally, Also Right into
Chelmsford Driving Test Centre


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