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Driving Tests in Banbury – Busy Town Roads

Banbury driving test centre is located in a busy area of the town. Due to its location, you should expect a deal with roundabouts, crossroads and open and closed junctions. There is also a possibility that the driving examiner may take you on a one-way road. Many learner drivers fail due to the fact that they do not realise that they are on a one-way system. It is therefore vital, that you watch all road signs and road markings throughout the driving test. Scanning from left to right, not just the road, but the pavement as well.

The driving examiner may take you out of Banbury into the rural country roads. Is also a possibility of days high-speed ‘A’ roads such as the A422.

Driving Tests in Banbury – Independent Driving Section

The driving test in Banbury will include about 20 minutes of independent driving. Here the examiner may require you to follow directions from a Tom-Tom. Alternatively, the examiner may require you to follow signs to a certain direction without the use of a Tom-Tom.

Many learner drivers worry unnecessarily about the independent driving section. If you are to take a wrong turning or you miss the direction signs, would not fail the test. This is provided that you continue to drive safely.

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Address for Banbury Practical Driving Test Centre

Banbury DTC,
3 West Bar Street
OX16 9SD

There is one step access to Banbury Driving Test Centre. However, Special arrangements can be made for test candidates with mobility impairment. Both Male, female and disabled toilet available at this test centre. Please check your email confirmation a few days prior to your appointment date.

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Nearby driving test centres to Aberfeldy.

Warwick driving test centre – Distance: 19.27 miles
Rugby driving test centre – Distance: 21.7 miles
Northampton driving test centre – Distance: 22.63 miles
Oxford (Cowley) driving test centre – Distance: 23.51 miles
Oxford (Kassam Stadium) driving test centre – Distance: 24.29 miles

Pass Rate at Banbury Practical Test Centre

Banbury has a pass rate that is much higher than the UK average, its pass rate is 53%. On average, over 400 driving tests are taken at this centre each month; out of these people, around 220 people pass. This data is taken from 6 months of driving tests, from April to September 2016.

In the 6 month period, just over 2500 people took a driving test. Fortunately, a large number of them passed, around 1300, generating a pass rate of 53%.

If you are learning to drive and wish to book a driving test at Banbury, you do so before you are actually ready for your practical test. This is because Banbury has a waiting time of at least six weeks for a driving test appointment. Certain times of the year this will increase to approximately 10 weeks. However, before you book your driving test, please consult your driving instructor. When you attend for your driving test, you will need to provide a vehicle. Therefore, if your instructor is not available on the day, you will not have a vehicle.

However, be prepared for your driving test, you may want to search for earlier driving test dates. These are available at Gov.UK free of charge. In order to search the driving test cancellations on the government website, you must firstly book your driving test with them. They will then send you an email confirmation with a booking application reference number. You will require both your driving license number and the booking application reference number in order to make any changes to your driving test.


When you book your last-minute intensive driving lessons, you will have the choice of learning in an automatic or a manual car. Last year alone, there were over 1.7 million driving tests conducted. Out of these, only about 30% were taken in an automatic car.

Manual or Automatic Intensive Driving Lessons

It’s easier to pass your driving test in a week by taking an automatic car compared to a manual. This is because you don’t have the extra task of changing gears, especially on approach to junctions such as roundabouts. This, in turn, means that you will have more time to focus on the speed and observations on the approach to such junctions. Once you’ve passed your driving test in an automatic, you will be restricted to driving only automatics. However, you are most welcome to upgrade to a manual license by retaking and passing another test.

Driving Test Centre - Banbury
exit to the left
West Bar Street
Left at roundabout
second left
Mewburn Road
Brantwood Rise
second left
Browning Road
End Right,
Bloxham Road
also. right
Broughton Lane
also, right again
Danvers Road
End Right
Broughton Road
right at roundabout
End, left
Bloxham Road
Easington Road
St Georges Cresent
End left,
Horton View
three traffic light, all straight
Oxford Road
End left then end right.
Swan Close Rd
End Left
Hight Strre
Roundabout ahead, then finally, left
into Banbury DTC


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